The true story behind Hannah Hart’s global fame

These days anyone can upload things to sites like YouTube, however, not everyone has what it takes to become a viral sensation. But one woman, who has gone on to become one of the most well known stars from YouTube, and can boast viewers from around the world, is the incredible Hannah Hart. We all enjoy watching her cooking videos on her channel, but there’s a lot you may not know about her.

The woman with it all

Hannah Maud Hart was born on November 2, 1986, in California, and is now one of the most famous YouTube stars in the world.

The online personality currently has two channels MyHarto that has more than 2.5 million subscribers, and YourHarto that stands with around 330,000 subscribers. Over the years, we have seen Hannah upload a number of heartfelt clips alongside the hilarious cooking series she has run for many years, but what about the untold truth behind the star?

The younger years

It looks as though Hannah was in for a bumpy ride from the beginning. The star was raised in a home with her older sister, Naomi, as well as a younger half-sister named Maggie.

However, the three were often subject to home checks as their mother had been diagnosed with psychosis. Hannah continued to study through school, but by the time she graduated from high school, she had been emancipated from her parents. This meant she was officially considered as an adult in the eyes of the law.

The dating game

Hannah admits that her home life was tough as she was always raised in a conservative household that was against many things, including the LGBT community.

The star began dating her friends, but something didn’t feel right. Hannah thought it must be the stress of her home life that means she was struggling to find love. After all, she had lived so many years hearing about how she should feel – there was no way she could be LGBT, right?

Moving across the world

By the time she was 20 years old, Hannah had decided it was time for a change. The youngster upped and moved across the world to Japan.

However, things didn’t go to plan, and Hannah only made it through the fall before moving back home to America. It was time to get her life in order. Hannah enrolled in college and studied hard before walking away with a degree in Japanese language and another in English literature. These were just what she needed to start her new career.

Making the discovery

Hannah’s time in college was about to change her life in ways more than she ever realized were possible.

The star admits that she woke up one day and realized there was a reason she had never been able to fall in love with a man: she was part of the LGBT community. Although she knew her friends would be accepting, Hannah was worried about her family’s reaction. She decided it was best to tell them one member at a time, but unfortunately, it didn’t all go to plan. Hannah still finds it difficult to talk about their reaction to date.

Looking for a path to follow

Although Hannah felt as though she could start the next chapter of her life, there was something still missing. She needed to get a job.

Hannah soon began a translating position in Manhattan, but she wanted to be working on screenplays. That had always been her goal, and at last, she found a job she could fall in love with. However, nothing ever felt right. Hannah was starting to get lost in the world. It was then Hannah decided to take herself online.

Starting her channel

Hannah soon started her channel on YouTube, MyHarto, and it wasn’t long before she was an instant success. In fact, after just two months of uploading her videos online, Hannah was already a partner with YouTube.

This meant she could monetize her videos and fall into a career that finally felt right. Hannah took the plunge and quit her job. Now, she could focus all her time on becoming a star. As if that wasn’t enough, Hannah was beginning to gain a huge following quicker than she ever imagined.

The first viral upload

It wasn’t until 2011 that Hannah created the series many know and love today: “My Drunk Kitchen.” At first, Hannah was filming in her sister’s house as she spoke via webcam to one of her friends.

However, Hannah had been drinking and was trying to make grilled cheese. The catch? She forgot the cheese. Hannah loved the video and uploaded it to share with the world. In just a couple of days, it already had more than 100,000 views.

Cooking up a storm

What started as an accidental viral video soon became the basis for one of Hannah’s leading series on her channels. “My Drunk Kitchen” is now a prominent feature as the star uploads clips twice a week.

So what is it that has people coming back time after time? Hannah loves to drink while making a whole host of meals. Over the years, we have got to see her prepare food such as gingerbread houses, pizza, pancakes, and even mayo. Everyone had soon fallen in love with Hannah.

Mingling with the stars

As if her millions of subscribers aren’t enough, Hannah has also gotten the chance to work alongside a whole host of stars.

Celebrity cook Jamie Oliver is one of the many guests to appear on Hannah’s web series. Plus, she has even worked alongside the likes of host and actor Chris Hardwick, various other actresses, and online personality Tyler Oakley. It seems as though everyone wants to tie up their aprons and head to the kitchen with Hannah.

Telling the world

It was back in 2012 that Hannah decided to upload a sentimental post. The star had gained an enormous following online and was ready to share the news she was LGBT with her online community.

Hannah hoped this would be the final part in accepting her lifestyle. However, years of living with her conservative family had taken more of a toll on Hannah than she ever thought. She just hopes that one day she will be able to come to terms with the plethora of emotions.

Taking home the prizes

As Hannah’s channel continued to grow and expand, so did the number of fans. Back in 2013, Hannah was able to take home her first prize – a Streamy Award.

The awards are to honor anyone making online video content. At last, Hannah was honored with the Best Female Comedy Performance, but that wasn’t all. She has also gone on to win two more Streamys, as well as getting nominations for several others of the online awards over the years.

A major year

2013 was about to become a massive year for Hannah. Not only was she taking home awards for all her work, but the star was also about to embark on a huge tour.

Hannah asked for some help from her fans to get her tour on the road. All she needed was $50,000 to travel from donations on Indiegogo. Although Hannah thought it would take a month to raise the funds, she had the money in just two hours. However, she left the donation page up and running to see how far the tour could really go.

Expanding the tour

By the end of the month, Hannah had reached a whopping $220,000 in funds. The tour was now much more than a national event; she could travel all across the world to Australia, Canada, and Europe.

It was everything she wanted, and Hannah packed her bags in the April of the year. As if the tour wasn’t enough, Hannah continued to show off her travels through her channel. She shared all her content with her fans where they got to see Hannah’s vlog, traveling, and even the occasional cooking upload.

Working all around the clock

Although Hannah was excited to meet fans from all around the world, not everyone shared her enthusiasm.

Many were disappointed that Hannah wasn’t hosting more meet and greets as they believed they would finally get the chance to meet their favorite online personality. Hannah knew she had to fight off the hate, so uploaded a video showcasing what it was like to live life behind the scenes. The star was putting a lot of work into her videos, and there merely wasn’t time to meet people.

A tour with a difference

With all that time on her tour, it might be easy to think Hannah had no time for any other projects. That was until comedians Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig approached the star.

The pair wanted Hannah to join them in a comedy show titled No Filter. Hannah jumped at the opportunity, and the three encouraged the audience to film the acts before uploading it to social media accompanied by #NoFilterShow. The world fell in love, and the women were about to start a tour of their own.

Time on the big screen

It seems as though nothing is ever too much for Hannah Hart as the star continued to work her fingers to the bone in 2013. Mamrie and Grace had so much fun on the tour that they wanted to put their comedy skills to use once more.

Only this time it would be for a much different reason. They wanted to create a film. Camp Takota was soon released, but this wasn’t Hannah’s only time on the screen. In 2015, the three women teamed up once more to star in the comedy Dirty 30.

Putting pen to paper

Thankfully, the craziness of 2013 soon calmed down to leave Hannah with a chance to focus on even more of her personal projects.

The star had grown so famous for her cooking series and wanted to give others a way to enjoy her meals in a much different way. It was then that “My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with your Gut” was born, the parody cookbook was said to be more than just recipes; it was also a self-help book for Hannah’s fans.

A starring role

Hannah was about to become an even bigger star thanks to her channel. Cooking has always been a passion of Hannah’s, and the Food Network was quick to notice her popularity.

The channel approached her about being a guest judge on one of their shows and Hannah was an instant hit. This was all just a trial for Hannah who was soon offered her own show, I Hart Food. It premiered in August 2017, and now we get to see as the online star tastes meals from all across the nation.

Finding the one

In amongst all of her busy lifestyle, it looked as though Hannah had finally found a partner that won her heart like no one else before: Ella Mielniczenko. Ella works for the company Buzzfeed and shares her love of creating content with Hannah.

On the other hand, Hannah has often spoken about their relationship on her channel. She wants to help others that might be wondering how she deals with her emotions as well as inspire others to embrace their true selves.

A big announcement

As if that wasn’t enough, Hannah had a huge announcement in July 2018. Hannah revealed the couple were officially engaged after a trip to Hawaii.

In true Hannah style, she shared her news via an online video where Hannah and Ella answered everyone’s questions. The couple announced they want to make a positive change in the LGBT community, but don’t have plans of walking down the aisle just yet. In fact, we’ll have to wait until 2020 to see any wedding snaps.