The importance of communication

You’ve surely heard it: Communication is key in any relationship. You should always be honest and express how you feel. It can only do you good. You know the drill. But have you ever thought about life without communication?  How would it work? It would be a pretty lonely and uneducated world, right?!

Communication is an important part of all of our lives. Much more than you may think. It’s a process of both sending and receiving information between people. Communication is the only way to spread knowledge and establish relationships.


On a basic level, communication is what allows us to spread information and knowledge, which can be done in many ways other than the traditional face-to-face method, such as through books, magazines, newspapers, TV and the Internet, a fairly new way to allow people to access all kinds of information and communicate with the entire world with one just one click.

Friends share their ideas with one another, parents teach their children values, teachers share their stories with students, and companies provide their workers with information. Communication is virtually endless, and no knowledge could possibly be shared without communication.


And when it comes to human relationships, communication is the foundation of everything.  Relationships are formed by strangers who start talking and start to know each other. The connection is established once they interact more, and communicate more.  Communication is the way that people express both their feelings and ideas and helps us understand those of others around us, and then establish either a like or dislike of the other person.

Therefore, communication without a doubt is completely crucial in human life and its importance should not be underestimated. Everyone can benefit from learning how to better communicate with both their friends, partners, families, work colleagues and even strangers too.