Telling stories to your kids at night will stay with them forever

The bedtime routine is pretty special, for your children and for you as parents. For your children, it should be a relaxing way to wind down from the day and spend some quality time with Mommy and Daddy, and as parents, it’s nice to share some special moments with your offspring before you have some much needed adult-only time! A vital part of the bedtime routine is a bedtime story, which is more critical to the development and happiness of your children than you may think!

iPad Vs. Stories

In a time when all of us are addicted to screen time, a good old fashioned story is the best way to settle down for the night. The light from a tablet can affect the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, making it harder for you to fall asleep. So instead of letting them watch Peppa Pig on their tablet to fall asleep, a story will ensure you all sleep much better!

Telling stories to your kids at night will stay with them forever

Building vocabulary

Reading books or telling stories to your children can make a significant impact on their vocabulary and memory. You may notice with stories that have repetition, your child will soon start to learn and remember what is coming next, so it is a great mental work out to keep their brains active and learning new skills.

Stimulate their imagination

Imagination is incredibly vital to a child, and the more you can increase this, the better. Some children struggle with creativity which makes it hard for them to play pretend or create their own stories. You can help this by telling them stories and letting them ask questions as you go along – perhaps asking their own ideas on what is happening in the story too.

Create a bond

There is something so special about that time at night, snuggled up sleepily, listening to a story. No matter how busy and stressed you are, by making time for this part of their routine, you are showing your child that they are important to you. It will also do you good to step away from your phone, the washing up and any other day-to-day stresses, and just spend time with your little one.

Telling stories to your kids at night will stay with them forever

Passing on stories

It has been a tradition as far back as anyone can ever remember that stories were passed down between generations and this is something that shouldn’t be forgotten in 2019. Remembering stories that you loved listening to as a child and being able to share that with your own children is such a special experience.
So, even if you’re tired, even if you’re stressed, even if you are just counting down the moments until you can crack open a bottle of wine and put on Netflix, tell your child a story as part of their bedtime routine. It will help relax you both and get them ready to sleep, as well as becoming a lovely part of your routine, that will help develop their vocabulary, imagination, and your bond together.

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