Teenagers wrote the sweetest apology after leaving a waiter $3 tip

Teenagers have a bad reputation for being obnoxious, and rowdy. Then, if you put those teenagers in a restaurant they can be a nightmare to serve, plus you know you’re likely not getting a good tip. One group of teens left an almost insulting $3 tip but came up with the sweetest apology to make amends.

Living up to stereotypes

The teens in question went out for some food before going to their homecoming celebration. Their waiter remembered his own homecoming and wanted to make sure these guys had a special night.

Teenagers wrote the sweetest apology after leaving a waiter $3 tip

After making sure he looked after them with whatever they needed, the waiter thought he might get a tip worthy of his service. What he found when he looked at their tip was just $3.28, for a dinner of four. The waiter just put it down to typical teenager behavior and assumed they had left a lousy tip deliberately.

Feeling bad

The waiter probably felt bad about the poor tip, but continued doing his job, though he wasn’t the only one thinking about the $3 tip. After their homecoming celebration, the teens thought about the tip they had left their waiter and wanted to do something to make amends. They wrote him the sweetest apology letter, trying to explain why they had left him such a small tip in the first place.

Dear Mr. Waiter

The letter began by explaining why they were at the restaurant in the first place, as a part of their own homecoming celebration. They revealed this was the first time they had ever been to a restaurant on their own, thanking the waiter for not treating them like babies.

The teens said the experience was all so new and exciting for them, but the waiter was the best they could have ever hoped for. Despite having several food allergies to contend with, the waiter got their food order perfect, something the teens were happy to thank him for.

Why the tip was bad

The letter then explained that because the teens were new to the whole restaurant thing they hadn’t even considered a tip, or how much they should give. After the meal, they paid for the food and then only had $3.28 left, so put it on the table and went to their homecoming. They had dug deep in their pockets to find whatever change they had to make sure the waiter at least got something, not realizing this could be considered insulting.

Teenagers wrote the sweetest apology after leaving a waiter $3 tip

Realizing their mistake

The apology letter continued by acknowledging how bad their tip really was and when it dawned on the teens they felt “horrible.” They said they knew they had to make it right so included with the letter was the correct 18% tip for their meal. The waiter shared the story, and it went viral.

Not only did the waiter get his 18% tip, but they even included a little extra “for simply being amazing.” These teens proved that not all teenagers are self-obsessed, but they can actually be decent human beings!