Teachers are not just educators – they’re life coaches

Chances are you weren’t a huge fan of school when you were younger. Most kids don’t enjoy being in the education system – not when the alternative is spending the whole day playing. However, you can’t deny that school serves an important purpose in preparing you for your adult years. The things you learn there can shape your future for decades to come, and it’s all because of your teachers. They’re not just educators – they’re life coaches.

You’re not just a student

When you were at school, it’s likely you had certain teachers that you liked more than others. They were the people whose classes you enjoyed the most, even if the subject wasn’t your favorite. Did you ever consider why you looked forward to these lessons more than anything else? The likelihood is that you appreciated these teachers because they treated you like more than just a student.

The best educators understand that there’s more to teaching than breezing through the curriculum. While building your knowledge is great, school is about so much more than just knowing facts and solving equations. These teachers used their time to impart wisdom upon you that went beyond the syllabus, and that has likely influenced who you are today.

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There’s so much to know

There are so many things in life that are never properly taught to us. We have subjects like math and science present throughout our education, yet so much of what we learn in these classes never actually benefits us. Where are all the things we need to know when we’re in our 20’s and struggling to build a life for ourselves?

If anyone’s going to teach us this stuff, it’s our teachers. Yes, our parents are there to help us out when we’re in a tight spot, but it’s not often that they sit us down and talk us through everything we should know. These educators are in the perfect place to share that information with us and show us what we should learn. That’s exactly what the best ones do. They know that their job goes beyond what the curriculum tells them to teach us.

Following their lead

When you’re growing up, you seem to spend as much time with your teachers as you do your parents. After all, you’re at school five days a week for more than a decade of your life, and all those hours rack up. When you spend that long around someone, you’re bound to pick up things from them, whether intentionally or not.

We often learn life lessons visually by seeing how other people behave, and teachers play an essential role in that. We’re exposed to them at such a vulnerable age that it’s impossible not to be influenced by their actions, and they know this. That’s why they ensure that they always try to show us the best side of themselves.

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There’s a lot of responsibility that comes from being a teacher, but the people who really care about their job don’t mind that burden. They enjoy the fact that their role requires them to be more than just an educator, because they understand just how much they can change someone’s life.