What does it take to earn a Michelin star?

When you’ve debated on where to go for a meal, you might have seen the words Michelin star be thrown around. They’re essentially a way for diners to establish how esteemed a restaurant is. The more stars somewhere has, the higher the quality of the food. What exactly does it take to earn one of these esteemed stars though?

Use the right products

You might think that for a restaurant to have a Michelin star, it must use the rarest and most expensive ingredients. However, that’s not the case. While you’re more likely to encounter these ingredients in such establishments, they’re not required to earn one of those elusive stars. Fresh produce that’s high in quality is all that matters when it comes to what’s put into a dish. The food should speak for itself.

What does it take to earn a Michelin star?

Finding the right combination

Of course, while the ingredients are the most important factor, how they work on the plate is equally essential. Michelin starred chefs don’t merely throw quality produce together and hope it pays off. No, they do plenty of research to find which combination of flavors and textures work best. A meal might feature tasty ingredients, but if they don’t blend well together, the whole dish is ruined.

Keeping it consistent

Not only should the food taste great, but it should also be consistent. There’s a reason Michelin star judges visit a restaurant multiple times before deciding whether it deserves a commendation. Chefs have off-days and problems behind the scenes can affect how an establishment performs. Consistency is key, and while the odd issue is acceptable, a restaurant should run efficiently more often than not. If it doesn’t, how can customers ever expect to get the dining experience they deserve?

It’s all about personality

Michelin stars might be awarded to the restaurants that serve the best food, but it’s not simply what’s on the plate that influence a judge’s decision. Chefs are known for their strong personalities, and people expect to see this translated into the food they serve. The biggest chefs in the business tend to alter the personality of their dishes depending on who it is they’re cooking for. It’s not an easy job, but then Michelin stars aren’t handed out to just anyone.

What does it take to earn a Michelin star?

An unforgettable experience

If you go to a restaurant and feel the experience you had was worth the money, then that establishment probably deserves a Michelin star. This doesn’t merely include the monetary value of the food, but also how you were treated and whether or not there were any issues. Although chefs invest their time in making their meals as perfectly prepared as possible, they care about giving diners the best treatment possible. The more someone enjoys themselves at their restaurant, the likelier they are to recommend the place to their friends. That’s how you attract the attention of a Michelin star judge.
You might have been put off by Michelin-starred restaurants because of their price, but if you have the opportunity, try eating at one. It might be costly, but if it’s got one of those illustrious stars, it’s likely worth a visit.

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