Why surfing is really good for you

You might look at surfing as a bit of showing off on the water, but, there are actually more advantages to it than you might think. Any kind of sport or activity involving the water is generally good for you in some way or another. And, there are actually proven health benefits to taking up surfing. So, before you start bashing it, consider the fact that it could actually be the perfect new sport for you to take up.

It’s important that you come up with ways of getting fitter and healthier, and staying active is the best way of doing that. So, the next time you decide you want to try your hand at some physical exertion, you might consider trying out surfing. Not convinced? Okay, well here are some of the amazing reasons why surfing is good for you!

Why surfing is good for you

Improves your strength

It’s an excellent way of improving your core strength because you’re doing battle with the ocean every time you set foot (and body) on a board. You also spend a large portion of the time paddling, which is the perfect activity for building up your core strength, not to mention toning that upper body of yours! And, once you eventually manage to stand on a board and ride a wave, you’ll need to use your core strength to keep your balance, as well as the muscles in your legs.

Gets you fitter

This next one kind of goes hand in hand with the first point, but it’s worth stressing – surfing will get you fitter. There are a lot of water sports that will keep you fit and healthy, but surfing is one of the best. It’s the perfect way of getting cardiovascular exercise and improving your heart health. You are also going to be using muscles you never knew you had, and working those muscles the entire time. And, here’s the best part, did you know that the average person burns more 400 calories an hour when surfing? So, you get to have fun, and build your beach body all at the same time – do we have your attention yet?!

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Why surfing is good for you

Mental benefits

These days, keeping a fit mind is as important as keeping a fit body, if not more so, but so many people forget about the mental side of things. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that surfing is great for your physical health, but it’s also excellent for your mental health too. For a start you’re outside, getting fresh air, and feeling the sun and ocean on your skin. Second, you release endorphins when exercising, which makes you feel good. Also, focusing on the calm and serenity of the ocean is a great way of detaching and taking your mind off things.

It’s an accomplishment

Don’t think that all benefits are necessarily about getting into shape and building muscle. One of the key reasons surfing is so good for you is because of the feeling of accomplishment you get. So many people never surf in their lives or manage to stand up on a board. It’s the ultimate battle of human beings vs. nature. Just you, the ocean, and the call of the wild. Mastering a surf, just once, is one of the greatest feelings of fulfillment you can know on this Earth.

Surfing is not just fun, and cool, it’s also really good for you in a variety of different ways. We’re sure that, after reading this post, you’ll come to the conclusion that surfing is beneficial, and decide that it’s most definitely for you. We’ll see you on the water!

Why surfing is good for you