Studying ancient cultures

The study of ancient cultures is an extremely rewarding experience, whether you’re doing so professionally or just for fun. There are various names for those who study ancient cultures, depending on the particular culture they study. For example, a Classicist would study Ancient Greeks and Romans. Professionals in the general field are known as historians, although some anthropologists will also cover the culture of civilizations from yesteryear. So, what types of Ancient Culture can you study? And why is it such a rewarding subject to learn?


The different Ancient Cultures

First up, let’s take a look at the various types of Ancient Culture that you can study depending on how far back (and which part of the world) you want to go. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular cultures that people choose to study:

Ancient Egypt – The study of Ancient Egypt is known as Egyptology, and is one of the most famous ancient cultures to study. After all, they built the pyramids! There are some incredibly fascinating parts of Egyptology, from their literature and language, through to their buildings and religious practices.

Ancient Assyria – Assyriology, as it is known, is not the most common study of Ancient Cultures, but it is one of the most fascinating. If you choose this topic then you’ll learn about the culture, history, and lives of those who lived in Assyria and the whole of Mesopotamia; this region covers Iraq, parts of Syria, parts of Turkey, and parts of Iran as they’re defined today.

Ancient Greece and Rome – Easily the most popular choice for those studying Ancient Culture is Classicism. This is the study of Ancient Greece and Rome, both of which paved the way to modern culture as it is today. Some of the world’s most commonplace principles (such as democracy) will have come from Ancient Greece and Rome.

Ancient India – Finally, another one on the list that probably isn’t as popular but is an astonishing topic to learn about. Indology, also known as South Asian studies, looks at some of the most defining moments of India as a nation, and the way their culture has evolved.


The benefits of studying Ancient Cultures

What do you gain from studying Ancient Cultures, however? Surely, the past is in the past? Studying any kind of Ancient Culture is not just rewarding, it can also provide you with a deeper understanding of the world we live in. The way that our cultures evolved and adapted throughout the years, from thousands of years ago until now, is something that is quite remarkable. Having a better understanding of Ancient Culture will also open up endless possibilities for you. The next time you visit somewhere, such as Athens, you’ll be able to picture what life was like for the Greeks in Ancient times. How their buildings were built, what they would do with their free time, what the city would have looked like. It truly is a subject that will open your eyes to the world around you.

Whether you want to study Ancient Cultures as a hobby in your spare time or in a university setting, it is definitely something that will change the way you think about humans, our history, and the world we live in.