Strange things you’d only ever see in Dubai

When choosing your next vacation destination, you probably have a few ideas in mind. You might want to explore the cobbled streets of Europe, maybe you want to surround yourself with nature on a camping trip, or even spend your hard-earned cash on a luxurious holiday that will give you memories to last a lifetime. If that’s the case, we have a feeling that you will fall completely in love with Dubai.

Dress to impress

Whenever we get told to “dress to impress” we often find ourselves getting stressed out about the smallest details. Our hair, the outfit choice, the accessories, and even the lip gloss we want to wear.

This is because dressing to impress differs from country to country depending on their cultural beliefs and their religion. Because the majority of the people in Dubai follow the religion of Islam, certain dress codes are expected around the city – making this picture surprising.

Pride of place

Don’t get us wrong, we love our pets more than we love most people and we would do anything to make sure they were as comfortable as possible – but we have a feeling that this person has gone a little too far.

I mean, he has a cheetah in the front seat! Of course, we have no idea why anyone would want to have a cheetah for a pet, but strange things occur in Dubai. It’s just their way of life. Hopefully, this cheetah played ball during their drive across the city, and wasn’t an irritating backseat driver who had to have its say on every driving decision…

Working in harmony

Although the women of Dubai keep themselves covered up due to their religious beliefs, they have learned to live with the fact that visitors might not abide by their rules.

This is the perfect example of two cultures coming together! While the woman in the hijab is quite happy chilling on the beach in her all-black ensemble, the woman in the bikini is also pretty happy. With liberal rules like these, it’s no wonder that people return to Dubai time and time again.

Nothing to see here

As we’ve already said, were pretty darn in love with our pets, and it breaks our hearts when we realize they’re not as well as they could be. When this happens, we drop everything and take them to the vet to see what’s wrong.

It seems this woman was also pretty worried about her pet… but this wasn’t any ordinary pet. Yes, it’s another cheetah! There seems to be a trend occurring here, and we do have to wonder where you would even get a cheetah from. The pet store?

Game, set, match

Are you a fan of tennis? If you are, there’s a high chance that you will do anything you can to get a game in.

You might travel to the next town, visit your opponent in the next state, or even travel to Dubai to play on top of a giant skyscraper! This tennis court sits a whopping 100 ft above the ground (or the ocean, as it were) and requires players not to have a fear of heights. We dread to think how many balls have gone over the edge…

Camel here often?

Despite the fact that Dubai is basically in the middle of the desert, the residents love to show off their flash new sports cars. However, there are still some people who like to take it back to basics and take their camel to work.

After all, they don’t have to pay for gas, and they’re ecologically friendly! Although the owner of this camel was probably trying to get somewhere, we have a feeling that this camel just needed a little rest in the blazing heat. We don’t blame it.

Stopping at the lights

When we stop at the lights, it’s basically impossible not to look at the car next door.

You might want to see whether they’re attractive, see if they are singing along to the same radio station as you, or you might even see if they’re harboring a tiger. Wait… what? Apparently in Dubai it’s totally normal to see a big cat sitting next to you at the traffic lights. Sure, they may be cute when they’re babies, but big cats are known for being pretty big, with even bigger claws.

Up in the clouds

To keep up with the demand of people wanting to explore their city, building contractors are choosing to build more and more apartment blocks and office buildings up into the sky to ensure that they can stay within the exclusive era.

In fact, the buildings in Dubai have broken records for their dizzying heights, and views like this one aren’t uncommon. Every morning, you can look out of your window and watch the sunrise over the clouds that worm their way around the glass. It truly is a sight to behold.

Someone call the cops

Quick, someone call the cops! Don’t worry, nothing major has happened; we just want to watch these stylish guys drive past us.

Yes, the men and women who serve this city regularly jump in their Hummer vans and their Porsche cars to chase the baddies – and if said baddy owns a Ferrari, you kinda need something that will keep up with them. Unlike the rest of the world, the people of Dubai expect the best, and in their eyes the best is always the most extravagant.

Sparkle and shine

With oodles of cash to spend on luxury items, many of the rich businessmen and women in Dubai choose to do so on their vehicles.

They might buy the latest model, they might buy the sports car that appeared in the action movie, James Bond, or they might just want to copy one of their favorite celebs – just because they can! However, with so many people wanting the same fancy cars, these people are conscious that their car needs to stand out. How do you do that? You cover it in diamonds, of course!

Cooling down

Because Dubai is nestled in the desert, it’s fair to say that the city can get pretty hot. Once you add reflective glass and souped-up sports cars into the mix, you will find yourself sweating from head to toe.

Luckily, the people of Dubai have found the perfect way to cool down during one of the heatwaves. Instead of staying inside with a fan on them, these guys are making the most of the ocean and paddle boarding in their traditional garments. With the Dubai skyline behind them, we can’t think of anything better.

A phone for kings

Although the people of Dubai like to have the latest and greatest cars on their driveway, they tend to go for something a bit more reliable when it comes to their cell phones.

In fact, they’re pretty happy with an old school Nokia that won’t drain the battery and will take the desert heat. Yet, these guys aren’t going to just buy a plain old Nokia and be done with it. Oh, no! Everything they buy has to be pimped up, which is why it’s not uncommon to see people watching around with diamond-encrusted phones.

Lending a helping hand

It’s plain to see that the people of Dubai aren’t short of a few dollars in their bank accounts, but there is a hidden secret to their city.

Despite the increasing wealth, there are those who haven’t been able to survive in the city and are either homeless or jobless. Thankfully, the city is ready to give back to those who aren’t as fortunate, and many vending machines like this one pop up all across the city. This vending machine offers free food and drink for those who have no money of their own.

A supercar

Hey, Dubai. Iron Man called, and he wants his car back! Yes, all this car needs is a red stripe down the middle, and it would look like Tony Stark himself.

Nevertheless, this car actually belongs to a rich Dubai local who just wasn’t happy with a regular old Jeep Grand Cherokee. Compared to all of the other cars on the road, this car just seemed to blend into the background – and that was not what this owner wanted. So, they decided to dip the whole thing in 24-karat-gold!

Getting some cash out

For everyday people, taking a trip to the ATM and getting some cash out is a regular occurrence. You might need it to pay for your groceries, or you might owe your parents a little change.

However, they do things a little differently in Dubai. Rather than popping in their credit card and receiving a few notes out of the bottom of the machine, these guys pop in a golden bar and receive a ridiculous amount of notes out of the bottom of the machine. As you do.

Creature comforts

If you’re the kind of person that tries to avoid a public restroom as much as you can, you’ll know that having to venture in when you’re about to burst is a traumatic experience.

It looks dirty, it smells dirty, and you leave feeling all grimy. If this is you on a regular basis, you might want to think about relocating to Dubai – because it’s fair to say that the public restrooms are a little different. How different, we hear you ask? Well, just look at this one!

Off you trot

Buying a horse is not the kind of commitment you can take lightly. They require a huge amount of money, care, and attention, and they will take up a lot of your time.

One of the main expectations of a horse owner is that you can house them in a stables, and it seems as though the people of Dubai definitely can. With no sign of wooden huts anywhere, this humongous stable is decked out in marble and looks incredibly luxurious. It’s more like a horsey hotel!

The Life of Pi

Have you ever watched The Life of Pi? Although we were convinced that this movie was made using CGI, we’re now starting to think twice about that fact.

After all, this photograph looks incredibly similar to the scenes that occur within the movie. Yes, this is just another example of the obsession the people of Dubai have with big cats – but the last we heard, cats are pretty frightened of water. This makes us think that having a lion on a small boat might not be the best idea.

Skiing to adventure

When you picture Dubai in your mind, you probably think of the blazing sun, desert landscapes, and dusty roads.

While this is the case, the people of Dubai are trying to make their city as accommodating as possible for those who love to enjoy all of the seasons. Because of this, they have created the largest indoor ski resort in the world, which offers ski lifts, all-year-long snowy conditions, ski lodges, and space for you to ski or snowboard your way to adventure. This is not what we expected to see.

Taking a break

If you go to a Dubai, it’s tradition to take at least one ride on a camel through the desert. However, those of you who have been on a camel will know that it’s not the most comfortable forms of transportation in the world.

We can only imagine that this person had every intention of riding through their desert on Humpty Dumpty but got a little tired halfway through. So, he made sure that he had his Mercedes on hand just so he could take a break! Now that’s smart.

Dripping in gold

In Dubai, showing off your gold is one of the best ways to ensure that people know you’re rich. After all, your designer labels, your million-dollar apartment, and your yacht would never give it away!

Because of this, the people of Dubai love to cover everything they can in gold. While many people in the city choose to dip their cars in gold, this person decided to go one step further and stand out from the crowd. We have a feeling you might need sunglasses to look at this one because that reflection is something else…

Getting stacked up

We’re not exactly sure what every single person does in Dubai when they’re not splashing their cash, but we definitely didn’t imagine it to be this.

This guy looks pretty happy with the fact that he has just stacked eight tortoises on top of each other – and we have to give him credit for his work. That is good going. Yet, we can’t help but wonder whether they would still stay on top of each other if he let go of the tiny tortoise on the top. Poor little guys.


For some people, riding in taxis is a way of life. They take a cab every day, and it seems as though they spend their lifetimes holding out their arms and yelling ‘Taxi!’ Nevertheless, the people of Dubai don’t have to worry about getting arm-ache.

Instead, they can just call their fancy Uber company, which caters specifically to their upper-class needs. In Dubai, there are many different Ubers to choose from, including Ferraris and Bugattis. While we doubt we would ever be given a choice, we’d like to go with both!

Tech robots

So far, we’ve seen some weird things come out of Dubai – but this is perhaps the strangest! While many countries like to race horses with real horses and human jockeys, the people of Dubai have grown tired of this sport.

To make things even more interesting, these guys have developed a new game with new rules that focus on technology. Did you think those were real people? No, they are robots! Thes robots race camels and are specifically designed to be streamlined and wind-resistant. Place your bets now.

Cranes galore

Every year, more and more people are visiting Dubai. This means that the demand for accommodation is just increasing every single year. Because space is limited in this exclusive city, contractors are choosing to build into the sky and create structures that rival the Eiffel Tower.

Unfortunately, building office blocks and apartments don’t happen overnight, and you can’t make your way through Dubai without counting at least 10 cranes in your eyeline. When you next take a trip to Dubai, count how many you see over the course of your trip!

Floating on water

When you think about the development of water, you probably think of hovercrafts, or cars that disappear or even cars that can take us back in time!

Unfortunately, we’ve yet to see these bad boys appear in our lives, but we’re still holding out hope. Despite this, people in Dubai are trying out a brand new invention when it comes to their cars, and they are investing in these WaterCars. The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum loves them so much he has six of them.

Golden glory

When we told you that the people of Dubai will add gold to anything, we weren’t joking. It turns out that they even eat it!

Yes, these people will try and deck each course with a splattering of gold if they can, and that’s exactly what they have done to this cupcake that doesn’t look like any cupcake we’ve ever seen before. Although we’ve heard that this delicious chocolate and vanilla cupcake is absolutely delicious, we won’t be trying it for ourselves any time soon as it will cost you a whopping $1,000.

Rules of the beach

Going to the beach is one of the best days out you could possibly imagine, and Dubai is known across the world for their glorious sands and their crystal waters.

However, it seems as though a day at the beach isn’t as easy in Dubai as it is at home, and there’s much more to consider. In fact, there are many rules of the beach in Dubai, including this one, which only allows women and families to enjoy the sands. Single men are specifically not allowed to enjoy this one.

Only in Dubai

Have you ever looked at something and thought, “That’s SO Dubai”? Well, this is it.

While we would like to know what prompted the Dubai metro to place this sign outside of their station, we can’t help but imagine a man smuggling a fish underneath his arm. Nevertheless, the people of Dubai have now been warned, and if you were going to attempt to take your pet trout on the train with you on your next visit, you might want to think again. Perhaps try a different country?

Paying the bill

Although we all wish we could dine out every evening, the price of the bill often puts us off.

As you see the piece of paper at the end of the night, you realize that eating that second dessert probably wasn’t the best idea for your stomach or your wallet – but you just can’t take it back. We have a feeling that the person who received this bill also wished they could take back a few of the bottles of Cristal, considering this bill is equivalent to around $100,000!

Gliding around town

While the rules and regulations in Dubai aim to keep their citizens and visitors as law-abiding as possible, there will always be some incident that needs to be attended by the police force.

Yet, if the flash cars are driving too fast on the highway, they need to be able to keep up. So it should come as no surprise to learn that the cop cars in Dubai are souped up with impressive engines – and they look pretty darn beautiful too. In fact, we kinda want to become a police officer now.

The garage of dreams

The people of Dubai don’t just buy one car for all occasions. They need a car to drive to the store, they need a car to drive to the latest and greatest party, and they need a car they can really show off as they drive around town.

Because of this, they often fill their garages with impressive cars that will make anyone drool. This person obviously wanted to show off even further with his gold-plated cars, and you know what? It’s totally working because we’re totally jealous.

Grabbing a lift

Although we already know that many of the people in Dubai have their own expensive cars, it seems as though these people don’t just stop there.

Yes, they also have helicopters! While you may be wondering why anyone would need a helicopter when they have a sports car in their name, it seems that this picture is painting a thousand words. After getting stuck in traffic, this person decided to beat the cars and grab a lift with his personal pilot. If you can, why not?

Riding in style

It seems that the people of Dubai are so used to living an extra life that they expect it even when they’re not in control.

If ever any of the rich businessmen or women find themselves in trouble, they can count on the limousine ambulance to come and pick them up and take them to safety. While they might not appreciate riding in style while they’re in pain, they’ll probably tip the driver once they’re fit and healthy again. This is the definition of going above and beyond.

You must be lion

The trend just seems to be getting worse, and we’re not sure if we’re scared or excited, or both!

While lions aren’t considered the most docile of creatures, it seems as though this person has been able to calm the king of the jungle down so much he’s able to ride it like a horse. Of course, we definitely wouldn’t suggest trying this at home, but it seems to be working for this man – so who are we to complain? If he said he wasn’t enjoying himself, he would be lion.

The sleeping lion

If you played the sleeping lions game when you were little, you’ll know that the aim of the game was to pretend to be asleep for as long as you possibly could.

Unfortunately, this lion got fed up with waiting for his owner to wake up that he decided to take the matter into his own paws. While we hope that this lion is well trained, it still must be a little disconcerting to feel a giant lion standing on your chest as it breathes into your face. Rather him than us.

A cat scratch

By now, we’ve realized that the people of Dubai just love to fill their lives with big cats. Why? Well, we’re not sure, but they seem to enjoy playing with them.

It seems as though this guy was trying to show his lion off to the rest of the world when he enticed it onto his car bonnet – but with a car like that, we can only imagine that the owner soon realized his mistake. After all, all cats need a good scratch once in a while…

Getting stuck in traffic

If you drive to work, you’ll know that there’s nothing worse than getting stuck in traffic and sitting in the same place for hours on end. However, these guys don’t look too annoyed by the fact that they’re stuck in traffic.

Not only do they get to show off their own cars and their brand new paint jobs, but they also get to scope out the competition and rev their engines to scare off those who aim to compete with them. In the world of cars, size really does matter.

Covered in gold

For many of us, buying a piece of gold jewelry is a treat. You may save up for months for the perfect necklace, or you might even spend years to have enough cash for the most incredible engagement ring.

Yet, for the people of Dubai, covering their belongings in gold is their second nature. If it can be covered in gold, it will be! Thanks to the prevalence of gold in their city and the talents of the local people, it’s easier than ever to pop out and dip your brand new television remote in 24-karat-gold.

Grab your horse

We’ve seen so many flash cars in Dubai; it’s nice to see something a little different on the roads. However, it’s safe to say that this wasn’t what we were expecting to see roaming the streets of Dubai.

Instead of choosing a normal motorcycle like the rest of the city, this person decided to stand out. He really wanted to make an impact. He did this by transforming his motorcycle into a white stallion and adding some pretty epic rims into the picture. That really is a work of art.

Ready for the flood

Dubai is one of the driest cities on the planet, and the chance of rain is very slim. Much of the time it’s bright sunshine and scorching temperatures! Yet, this hasn’t stopped one family from getting ready for a flood.

Just in case the waters begin to pour down, these guys will be happy in the knowledge that they have built their ark and will be ready to float away. We wonder if they’re planning on grabbing animals two by two on their way out of the city?

The cause

Now looking at this photograph, it’s easy to see why those guys are building an ark. After all, if this fish tank breaks it will flood the whole city!

This impressive structure stands proudly in the state-of-the-art Dubai Mall, and it has since become one of the most famous attractions in the city. While visitors can check out the designer shops and the fancy restaurants, they can’t help but check out the 300 different species of marine animals that live in the fish tank. They don’t do simple, do they?

Living on the edge

With oodles of money in their pockets and stretch limousine ambulances on standby, the people of Dubai like to live their lives on the edge.

Whenever they get the chance they will try to defy physics, and perform some of the latest and greatest tricks. This guy thought he was the bees-knees when he stood on top of this car, and it’s fair to say that he looks it too! However, you won’t be getting us replicating that move any time soon. We’ll pass on that trick, thanks.


Whenever we’ve come across a foosball table, we’ve always seen it covered in drink stains, or with pizza juice ingrained into the wood. So, it’s fair to say that we’ve never seen a foosball table quite like this one.

As if the gold and silver foosball players weren’t enough to win you over, the whole table has also been dipped in gold. But it doesn’t stop there! Just to top off the sporty effect, it’s also been smothered in Swarovski crystals that make it look like something from space. Can we play?

Perfect pizza

The restaurants in Dubai offer some of the most exquisite food known to man, but sometimes you just don’t want to get dressed and interact with other people! We feel you.

Luckily, the city of Dubai offers rich residents and visitors the chance to get pizza delivered right to their door. However, this isn’t your average pizza delivery – because this pizza may come delivered in an epic Ferrari car! Jerry’s is one of the best pizza places in the city, and we kinda want a job.

Having a little snack

As we’ve already seen the city of Dubai is filled with lions and tigers and cheetahs who all like to be a part of everyday life.

Yet, owning a big cat isn’t as simple as it sounds, as you can’t feed them the kind of food you’d pick up at the pet store. So, this owner decided to give his lion cubs a little treat as they had been so good and decided to feed them a good ol’ shark. It doesn’t look too appetizing to ourselves, but we guess that’s just the circle of life!

Caucasian Cuisine

When you think about it, this restaurant is actually pretty clever. After all, across the world you have Indian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Turkish restaurants and more – so what about Caucasian restaurants?

Although we’re intrigued to see what they have on the menu here, we have a feeling it might involve a whole load of avocado on toast, with a few flat white coffees, and some raisinettes to finish. Yes, the city of Dubai really does pull out all of the stops to ensure all of their guests are happy at all times.

Designer trash

There are some things in this world that will never be luxurious. no matter how hard you try. One of those things is a trash bin. They smell, they look drab, and the contents are less than desirable.

Yet, that hasn’t stopped the people of Dubai from at least trying to make their trash bins a bit more exciting and eclectic. In fact, this person has decked their trash can with the iconic Yves Saint Laurent signage, and it does look a little better – but the contents are still just as gross.

Coffee for a king

Wherever you go in the world, you will always come across a Starbucks. After all, it’s one of the biggest coffee chains in the world!

It’s no different in the United Arab Emirates, and Dubai is intent on making sure their visitors are stocked up on some of the best coffee the world has to offer. However, it’s fair to say that you will never have visited a coffee shop quite like this one before. With regal decoration and high ceilings, this coffee is fit for a king. Or queen!

Living a life of luxury

We have a feeling that Oprah was behind the building of The Palm because she just decided to give everyone an island! She must have forgotten about us.

Yes, this human-made island has been designed to replicate a beautiful palm tree and features the impressive 5* hotel and resort, Atlantis the Palm, as well as villas and houses on the little sand dunes themselves. As one of the most iconic islands of all time, we have a feeling that a stay here will not be within our small budget…

Grooms wanted

In the past, most of us have had a little foray into the world of internet dating or matchmaking. We’ve allowed our friends to set us up with someone they know, or even found someone on a dating website who we liked the look of.

Yet, they do things a little differently in Dubai. These parents are taking to the press and using the local newspaper to scout out potential grooms for their two daughters. Considering they both seem pretty darn smart, we have a feeling that men will be lining up to date them.

Getting comfortable

There is nothing worse than waiting for the bus in intense heat. You overheat, you get sweaty, and your makeup starts to run down your face before you have even made it into work.

We can only imagine that this is even worse in the desert, which is probably why the geniuses of Dubai have created this brand new invention – the air-conditioned bus stop! These little pods will keep you cool while you’re waiting for your bus, and we really hope they bring these to the rest of the world.

Double the trouble

The people of Dubai are trying their absolute hardest to make their cars are different and unique as possible, and we have to agree that this one has taken the biscuit.

Although it’s not unusual to see Jeeps roaming the streets of Dubai, it is unusual to see double-seater Jeeps. With space for 10 people, this is probably the best way to travel with a group – but how do you decide who drives? As if that wasn’t enough, we don’t even want to think about parking that bad boy…

Turning down the temperature

If you’ve ever lived in Dubai, you’ll know that the heat is often intense and long-running. The whole year is shrouded in heat and humidity, and you rarely get any relief. Because of this, Dubai has decided to bring ice cafes to their city.

This gives people the chance to chill out in the cold temperatures – quite literally – and enjoy a nice hot cup of cocoa. After all, drinking a hot coffee in the desert just doesn’t make sense. In the cold, it totally makes sense! Can we have a cup?