How starting over can be exactly what you need


Starting over can be a terrifying ordeal. We’re not socially wired to step out of our comfort zone. What’s more, we’re surrounded by a culture that fears failure more than most things. So how am I going to vouch for the positive side of starting over? By first telling you that failure needs to happen, is going to happen and is an intrinsic part of success in all aspects of your life. Starting over in a new place, at a new job, new business or what have you, is risky, but the rewards are even greater.

How starting over can be exactly what you need

If you are starting over in a new place

Perks of moving to a new place is that no one knows you. While you may be lonely at first, you get the unique opportunity to be who you want to be, especially if there were issues with that in your old place. In addition to reinventing yourself, if you wish to do that, moving to a new place is 70% exciting and 30% frightening. That 70% has you feeling the butterflies and thinking ahead to that new apartment you get to design for yourself, that new car you get to buy, or smaller things like the new restaurant scene or farmers market you’ll get to know.

If you are starting over in new job

Starting a new job is hard. I personally hate the feeling of not knowing everything and being the master of my position. No matter how good you are at what you do, your first couple of weeks are going to feel like a fish out of water. HOWEVER, after that, you get into a rhythm and before you know it you’re just another part of the team. Starting a new job means you’re are changing, and change is good. Whether you’re moving up in the corporate world, walking into a new position that is parallel to what you did but in a new place with a new focus – everything has a purpose.

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If you are venturing out in your own business

The scariest of them all – putting it all on the line and starting your own business. This one is the most linked with the fear of failure. Even if you have the money to start your own business, the fear of messing up (for lack of a better word) is daunting. If you have capital that you got from other sources, the pressure to succeed is massive. Once again, HOWEVER, just because there is a chance that you may fail is not enough of a reason to stay in the starting line. If you fail, you will learn. Yes, there are financial ramifications I’m sure, but the cost of not doing it is greater.