How to stand your ground and still be nice

The views and perceptions of each individual differ from one another. Whether it is in a relationship, work, or any other situation, a person’s perspective may be different than others for many reasons. However, many people are not able to stand up for their point of view in such situations, and are compelled to keep quiet or change their mind.

In case you happen to be one of these folks, you may want to work on standing firm on your decisions. Here are some effective tips on how to stand your ground and still be nice.

How to stand your ground and still be nice

Be authentic and transparent

Transparency and authenticity are important for asserting your position. Although it might be really difficult at times, if you learn to be honest and express yourself in an open manner, it will remove a weight from your shoulder. In many situations, people hide their emotions and nod with a half hearted smile. If you learn to be open and authentic about your stance, you will be in a better position to make yourself heard without being defensive. In this way, people are more likely to listen and agree with you.

Be assertive and make small, powerful moves

Many people feel shy about expressing themselves. It is easy to resolve this problem by taking small steps to assert yourself. Even learning to walk in a more confident manner can be helpful in developing assertive thoughts. Use that confidence when communicating with others and this kind of attitude is applicable to all spheres of life.

If a person attacks, wait them out

As you start to be more confident when you voice your opinions, you should learn to deal with folks who are looking to override you. You will certainly come across people whose personalities are always in the attack mode. If someone is bullying you, be calm and assertive. Do not react with low blows or get frazzled. Instead, take the high road, but be sure to stand your ground.

Realize that nobody can invalidate you

You are the compete owner of your actions and feelings. Your emotions, beliefs, ideas, and thoughts belong to you. Nobody can invalidate your viewpoints. Similarly, it is important to respect the point of view of others. Don’t just invalidate others if you don’t agree. It is better to have an open discussion and express yourself from your perspective instead of invalidating others or being invalidated by others.

How to stand your ground and still be nice

Practice standing up for your decisions

Learning to stand up for your opinions is not going to happen in a day. It definitely takes time to build confidence and assertion skills. Imagine yourself as the most assertive person you know. Learning to stand up for your decisions is like riding a bike. You tend to find an ideal balance with practice.

Supporting what you think is right is an important skill that shapes your personality, and affects your work as well as your personal life. You should understand and learn how to stand your ground and still be nice. Just stick to the above tips, and you could be in a position to stand up for your opinions even when a lot of people are opposing you.