As soon as they saw what was circling this puppy, they rushed in to save her

Dogs are great, they help to brighten up your day if you’ve been having a tough one and no matter what, they will always lend you an ear to talk your troubles away. They basically become instant members of the family thanks to their enthusiastic and loving nature. It is always a terrible shame when a dog’s love is not appreciated, but sadly it is a common problem in the world. There are many dogs brought into people’s homes that just don’t get the care and attention our furry little friends require to live happy lives. They need looking after more than most other animals and are incredibly social beings. Forcing them to live out in the yard on their own is not the way to give a dog a happy and fulfilling life.

Sadly, for one puppy that was her life, living out in the yard all on her lonesome. This made her sad and eventually life was getting her down so much that she soon started to be really troubled, she wouldn’t even leave her dog house. People soon took notice of this sad little doggy, and when they realized why she wasn’t coming out of her dog house, they soon stepped in to make a call the animal rescue team. With her life in the balance here is what happened when the rescue team stepped in to intervene in the most desperate time of this pup’s life.

Where it all went down

The young puppy in question lived her life in Gainsboro, North Carolina. There are plenty of things to do in Gainsboro, including splashing around at the waterpark and exploring the wetlands known as Bog Garden. Like many big cities, there were a bunch of people living there that gave homes to cats and dogs, but sadly not all of the animals living there were happy. Not everybody living there was a responsible owner of their domestic animals, and one such animal was living a particularly miserable life. With little hope for just one friend to play with, this pup was resigned to living alone forever with no comfort but her dog house.

The problem

In one community the neighbors all began noticing that there was something not quite right about one of the yards. A young pit bull puppy was living in that yard in a plastic dog house, but the neighbors were not sure the owners even knew the puppy was there. They hadn’t seen them come out and care for the little thing and as they caught sight of it, they realized it wasn’t in a good way. After a while, they couldn’t stand seeing this puppy being treated so poorly and decided they needed to intervene, they raised the alarm with animal control. The puppy was in a bad way though, so their hopes weren’t that high.

Calling for help

Unsure they would be able to do anything for the pup themselves, the neighbors were relying on the animal rescue team to be able to step in and save this pup from its dire circumstance. The puppy had been seen in the yard before, but it was now refusing to leave its dog house which was not a good sign. The Guildford County Animal Control were contacted, and their experience in rescuing animals was going to be put to the test as there was an interesting development for the puppy.

Vultures circling

The puppy looked as though it was losing the fight to survive. So much so that a flock of vultures had swooped in and were just seemingly waiting for the little puppy to die so they could have their next meal. The sight of these vultures really called the residents to action to get animal control on the scene as quickly as possible. Being in such a bad way, health-wise, must have been terrifying for the little puppy as it could see the vultures coming, was there time to save it?

Nature’s scavengers

Vultures are nature’s scavengers, they don’t put themselves at risk of injury by fighting other animals, they just wait for them to die and then pick at the carcass. Vultures have a keen sense of when an animal is on its last legs, so the fact they had circled around the puppy meant that it was very close to death. Anytime vultures circle around an animal it is a sign that they are getting ready to feast on their next meal.

Serious situation

Clearly things were not good for the puppy. The neighbors couldn’t sit by and watch the vultures devour the poor little dog so they hoped that animal rescue could come in a save it before it was too late. Amazingly, even the owners who had neglected the puppy in their backyard called animal control. Aware that this was an emergency situation, the animal rescue were on the scene as quickly as they could get there.

Help is here

Much like the emergency services in most largely populated areas, the animal control were really busy and had to work hard to prioritize what calls they should go to first. Once they discovered that some vultures were lurking around a young puppy, they knew that they needed to get there as soon as possible and made sure they got a unit out to the yard in double quick time. Finally, the animal control had made it to the scene, but was it too late?

Not a minute to spare

As the rescuers got there, they realized they were not too late. The puppy was still alive, but barely. The rescuers could breathe a sigh of relief as they hadn’t got there too late, but the puppy wasn’t safe just yet. She was in bad shape, and they would have to act fast if they were going to save her. Aware of the situation, they still couldn’t help but be in complete shock when they laid their eyes on the scene.

The horror

The rescuers could now see for themselves why the neighbors had called in for help. The puppy was cowering in her dog house in complete fear of the scary black birds just waiting for her to die. While it was scary enough that lots of vultures were circling in the sky above, many of them had landed down by the puppy’s house to get a fresh meal. Clearly this puppy didn’t have long to live unless she could get some help soon.

A happy soul

The puppy’s name is Lilo, and despite having a tough beginning in life, it became apparent to those that met her that she was a friendly little dog. When she first arrived at the rescue center she was very sad and seemed as though she had pretty much given up on life. She had no one to love her and didn’t think there ever would be, but that was about to change. Once she started getting some love and affection from rescue workers, her personality began to shine.

Happy in her new surroundings

Lilo was not going back to where the rescue workers found her. It was clear her owners didn’t care enough about her to look after her properly so it was decided that she should be taken to an animal shelter to find her a new home. The Guildford County Animal Control took her to their shelter to give her a better opportunity at a happy life, even though technically she already had owners, they felt those owners didn’t deserve her.

A courtesy they didn’t deserve

Despite not seemingly caring for Lilo whatsoever, the animal rescue team left a note to her owners to let them know they were taking Lilo away and there was a number they could call if they wanted. Although they could have disputed the rescuers taking her, as they didn’t really seem to care about her, they probably weren’t going to miss her. Lilo certainly wasn’t going to miss them, considering they were not really there for her at all.

Not doing so well

It was clear that Lilo was going to be in a bad way. When the rescuers arrived, they knew it was going to be a sick little puppy they were dealing with and when they got her to the vets that was the case. The vet discovered that Lilo was very underfed, to the point of being malnourished, and had some injuries to her face caused by some overeager vultures. Despite that, the vets were confident she was going to make a full recovery.

Lousy owners

For the rescue center, it would be ideal if they could return abandoned animals to their owners, but that is not always possible. Most of the time if an animal has been abandoned it is because the owners are not suitable for looking after them, so it wouldn’t be wise to send the animal back to those people. Instead, rescue shelters have to find new homes for the animals they rescue, in the hopes they can give them better lives than the ones they came from.

Breaking the mold

Lilo is a pit bull, meaning it would be tough for the shelter to find a new home for her. People worry that pit bulls are violent dogs and this reputation they have has made it very hard for them to be rehomed from shelters. Many pit bulls have been used as fighting dogs, so their behavior when being adopted has always come under close scrutiny. Lilo was a loving puppy, so there was real hope she would find someone to fall in love with her at first sight.

On the clock

Unfortunately for many rescued dogs, they are on the clock. The animal shelters only have so long they can hold on to them before having to euthanize them as they don’t have room for all of the animals. Even though they would love to, it is simply not possible to rescue every abandoned animal. That meant that for Lilo the time was ticking, as she would have to find a new home soon or else her struggle to survive would all have been for nothing.

A loving organization

Luckily for Lilo, there was an organization out there that makes it their job to rehome unloved pit bulls. The Merit Pit Bull foundation aims to find homes for those dogs in the world that have got bad reputations, even though the dog’s behavior is largely down to their previous owner’s neglect or antagonistic nature. The Merit Pit Bull Foundation heard about Lilo and were very keen to meet her and try to find her a new home.

Keeping Lilo safe

While many rescue shelters aim to find new homes for their dogs quickly, they also rely on foster homes to look after their dogs temporarily. That was what happened to Lilo, and she was set to head to the home of Keana Lynch and Travis Henley until she could find some people willing to take her home forever. The foster home is a way for potential adopters to see if they like having the dog in their home, as well as giving them somewhere to stay until a permanent home comes along.

Made herself at home

Lilo really liked living with Keana and Travis. For the first time in her life, she was in a home that loved her, and she was getting plenty of the attention she had been so desperate for while locked up alone in her dog house. Lilo was such a lovely house guest that Keana and Travis fell in love with her, they decided she didn’t need to look for a new home as they were going to welcome her into their, along with their other pet dog.

A place to call her own

Lilo has come along way from almost being a meal for the vultures. Now she is loving life and is very happy living with Keana and Travis. She is adored, and the couple who adopted her have even made her an Instagram page of her very own. Lilo accompanies Keana to many schools trying to help change the negative stereotype that many people have about pit bulls being dangerous. Lilo is one of the lucky dogs who has found a happy ending to her bleak beginning to life.

Not the only abandoned dog

Sadly cases like Lilo’s are all too common, but maybe without the vultures. This underfed dog was rescued by these four friends as they realized its owners had no desire to look after it. They knew the owner and agreed to take it off his hands, knowing that no animal should ever have to live the miserable life it was living. Not willing to see a good dog put down they stepped in to become its loving owners.

Needing a bath

This dog had pretty much been abandoned, so the first thing the gang did was give him a bath to remove all the ticks and fleas he was covered in. The group showered him with love from the very beginning, even giving him a soothing massage straight after that first bath. It wasn’t long before the group had earned the trust of the dog and soon he was their fifth member. Shortly after adoption he gained ten pounds and began to look much healthier.

All he needed was some love

The dog had been living a lonely life, unloved by its previous owner which made it incredibly sad and untrusting. After the group gave him the love he deserved, he came out of his shell and became a member of the gang, now it was time for him to have a name. The group settled on the name Ganesh. The name comes from the religion of Hinduism and symbolizes coming through tough challenges and becoming a greater being because of them.

Like he’d always been there

Ganesh soon made himself a part of the family, so much so that the group felt like it was his destiny to find them. Of course, they wish he didn’t have to go through the struggle of his early life to find them, but they are glad that that part of his life is over now and he has a happy life. An affectionate dog, Ganesh will always greet his new owners with a great big hug and has become best buddies with their other dog too.

What you can do

If you come across a neglected animal, there are some things you can do. It might not be possible, or legal, to take one into your home but you can call the authorities to alert them of an animal being mistreated. These animals can’t speak for themselves, so anybody raising the alarm on their behalf is essential to ending their time with uncaring owners. If you think an animal is being left out in the cold for too long, especially without food, water, and appropriate shelter then call animal control.

Important work

The animal shelters and humane societies that look out for these animals have tough jobs. Lots of shelters are forced to euthanize the animals they take in because there are just so many so make sure when calling one that they are not one that puts animals down. These humane shelters will put their resources into making sure the animals they look after are rehomed, so research the shelter you are calling before picking up the phone.

Want a dog? Adopt

There are many people who want a particular type of dog to adopt, which leads them to pet stores or breeders, that can be fine, but there are also so many dogs and animals just waiting to be rehomed at rescue shelters. Those animals deserve new homes just as much as others, and maybe even more so. They have ended up at a rescue shelter because they have been abandoned and they desperately want someone to love them as much as they will love their new owners.

Breeding can be cruel

There are some dangers when buying dogs from breeders that it is worth being aware of. The breeders are running their business for a profit, and because of the need to make some cash, they can be cruel. Many dogs can be crammed into a small space as breeder look to maximize how many animals they can sell, despite not having the space for them. The dogs can have health issues that won’t be discovered until they are in their new homes.

Are you ready for a pet?

Have you recently decided you want a pet? Many people want one but don’t really do a proper analysis of their lives to determine whether they are suitable for owning one. You’ll have to make sure you have enough time to look after them, and you’ll need to put in the time to train them if you buy them as a puppy. Instead of going out and buying one, it is worth fostering for a while to see if you can deal with all the responsibilities being a pet owner entails.

Best buds forever

Adopting a dog will be one of the best things in the world you can do. You’ll always have a welcoming face when you get home, and you can guarantee they’ll cozy up for a snuggle in the evenings. For spending your time looking after them, feeding, walking, and petting them, they will reward you with a lifetime of unconditional love. As long as there is room in your life for a dog, then you’ll never be disappointed in your decision to welcome them into your home.