These simple things can help you fend off migraines

Migraines are the worst. They take over your every thought and are so debilitating that normal life becomes impossible. These simple tips will help you to fend off your migraine and let you get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Drink water

It’s amazing how helpful drinking water can be, and if you’re beginning to suffer from a migraine, water can be your first line of defense. Health professionals recommend not going any longer than two hours without drinking a glass of water. Studies found that adding around six cups of water to people’s regular intake resulted in fewer headaches.

It can be tempting to skip meals, especially if the pain is making you feel ill, but eating is also another way to make sure your migraine leaves you quicker. Eating crackers can help to fill your stomach but are pretty flavorless so they won’t make you feel any worse.

Develop a regular routine

Those who suffer from migraines have found that sticking to a steady daily schedule lowers the chances of an attack. Finding a routine of work, exercise, sleep, and diet that works for you and stick to it. One of the best preventions of a migraine is sleep, so make sure sleep is your priority. Don’t worry if your routine gets messed up, as long as you find time for a good rest your chances of getting a migraine will be lower.

Find somewhere dark

Light and sound can be especially painful when you’re suffering from a migraine. Finding a dark and quiet place can make all the difference when you’re trying to fend off your headache so make sure you’ve got somewhere all set up. Blackout blinds are perfect for your bedroom as you’ll be able to make it pitch black even in the middle of the day. Cutting out light and noise will speed up your recovery.

Once in your safe place then there’s nothing to do but lie back and relax. Spend this time making yourself as comfortable as possible and slow your breathing. Ideally, you’ll be able to sleep for a while, but if not, deep relaxation will help you get better.

Don’t try to power through

It can be tempting to just continue with normal life, even if the signs are that a migraine is heading your way. Even if you are just getting the early signs of a headache, the best thing for you to do is to lie down and rest if you can. Find a dark place with a cool, damp cloth to help ease the pressure building up in your head.

Treating your migraine early can be the difference between losing an afternoon to losing three days. Take your medication at the first sign of the attack, and you can keep it at bay rather than having to fight it off when it’s in full flow.

Migraines are horrible and trying to make one pass can be hard work. They stop you in your tracks, but with these tips, you’ll be back on your feet in no time!