Signs that she likes you more than a friend

Sometimes it can be pretty difficult to tell whether a girl likes you as more than a friend or is just extra friendly. Is she this flirty naturally or is she giving you the signals to tell you that she is into you? You could risk embarrassment and ruining a friendship by asking her out, or you could wait too long trying to figure it out and miss your chance. Here are some signs that she likes you more than a friend, so you never end up friendzoned again.


You can read a lot into how, when, and what a girl texts you. For example, does she try to keep a conversation going with questions, or does she just send short answers? If there are emojis, that could be a sign too! Notice if/how many kisses she puts at the end of a text. If you put two, does she match it? Does she put the exact same number as you do, even if you change? Notice whether she texts you first or if it is always you initiating the conversation.

Dilating pupils

There is a science of attraction, and this is a pretty visual sign – excuse the pun! When we look at someone we find attractive, our pupils dilate. Of course, the light at the time will have a bearing on the size of her pupils so you can’t just take your first result, however it is certainly something to keep in mind when you talk.

Her friends

No matter what age you are, girls who know that their friend is crushing on someone are about as subtle as a brick to the face. Girls share everything with one another, so if she is into you, her friends will know. Of course, unless you are still a child, you probably don’t want to be asking her friends directly – it’s not a good look! What you can do, however, is make sure you are tuned into how her friends react around you. Are they paying extra attention to you? Do they seem to be giving each other meaningful looks? Make sure you’re on your best behavior because if you don’t have the approval of her friends, it will never work out!

Body language

A lot of what we say does not actually come out of our mouths. There are a lot of cues and information that you can gather from her body language, if you know what to look for. If her body, especially her feet, are pointed towards you when you are together, that is a positive sign. If she touches her neck a lot or subtly shows you the inside of her wrists, they are both flirty signals too. Finally, if she is mirroring your actions in any way, the position you’re sat in for example or what you do with your hands, that is a pretty sure sign that her mind is subconsciously copying you because she is paying so much attention.


Does your girl find reasons to talk to you? Does she smile and laugh a lot around you? Does she bring up things that she knows you’re are interested in? These are all fantastic signs that she might want to be more than friends. If you find that she says your name quite a lot when you are talking, that is a pretty confident signal, although of course, you have to rule out the fact that perhaps she does with when talking to anyone!

If she is throwing out several of these signals, there is a pretty good chance that she wants to be more than just friends, so get making that move!