The scariest things caught on dash cam

The scariest things caught on dash cam

Though car safety is at an all-time high, it doesn’t stop the occasional accident, so many drivers have begun to install dash cams in their vehicles to try and clear up who is at fault should an accident happen. The dash cams are there to capture other road users’ indiscretions as well as clear their users of blame, but that is not all that these handy cameras have been filming.
The dash cams drivers install in their cars can now capture all sorts of events, and some of them are less than ordinary. These are the times dash cams caught something truly terrifying – manmade or otherwise – in the lens.
[post_page_title]Great balls of fire[/post_page_title]
It isn’t often you’ll be driving down the road and see something you truly can’t believe. Sure you might notice plenty of unbelievably bad drivers, but how often can you say you’ve been driving and had the scenery catch fire?
Great balls of fire

This driver made sure they steered clear of any danger by keeping their distance from these blazing trees. That’s not something your driver’s education lessons teach you about, but it’s safe to say if you see this, avoid it.

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