How to save money on food each month

One of our weekly chores is to go grocery shopping. We like to stock up on fruits and vegetables, everyday ingredients, and delicious snacks that we will be able to eat whenever hunger strikes. Grocery shopping might be a must, but it’s not necessarily a bother. In fact, some of us even enjoy spending time in the supermarket and may even shop for fun. But we all know that buying expensive groceries can be harmful to your budget.

When it comes to spending money on food, we tend to make a few mistakes, which can cost us extra cash and burn a hole in our pockets. Fortunately, however, most of these common errors are corrigible if you are willing to change your habits and try some new tricks. Here are a few ways that you can save money on food.

How to save money on food each month

Buy generic

You might be used to buying brand name groceries despite the fact that they are usually significantly more expensive. The truth is, you can really save a great deal of money by replacing brand names with generic brands for groceries. Staples like salt, sugar, flour, bleach and many other items don’t differ too much in terms of quality. In fact, buying generic brands will save you 25-30% on your groceries. If you don’t want to completely ignore brand name groceries, buy them when they are on sale.

Cook at home

If you are really very busy, grabbing fast food on your way home seems like such a big relief and time saver. Going to restaurants frequently has likely become a part of your social life as well. But if you are looking at saving your budget on food, cook at home. It is hygienic, healthy, as well as economical. Brew your own coffee at home and revamp your restaurant budget. Stick to your budget for spending on food. You’ll surely notice a difference in your bank account at the end of the month.

Don’t buy food in advance

Making one grocery trip for the week might seem convenient to you, but it is always harmful to your budget. Buying foods that spoils quickly or items that expire before you have a chance to eat them is just like throwing money down the drain. Instead, buy only what you need immediately and make another trip midweek for your fresh fruits and veggies. If you prefer, you can also buy frozen veggies that stay edible for longer periods.

How to save money on food each month

Shop at discount stores

Visit stores that offer you discounts and coupons. Buy at discount stores and check if they have loyalty points to offer. You may be able to cash in on those points later on. Check the benefits that you can get on credit cards, and double your points on grocery purchases, as well as saving money. Shop for fruits and vegetables on sale or at discounted prices.

Make a list of your groceries and stick to it. Don’t buy too much and do your best not to buy what is not on the list. This will save you loads of money on your food.