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Retiring? 12 Exotic Places You Should Travel To No Matter Where You Live - Kiwi Report

Retiring? 12 Exotic Places You Should Travel To No Matter Where You Live

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Retirement doesn’t have to be just for rest and relaxation. It’s the perfect timing to do all these things you’ve never had the time to. One of them is probably traveling, exploring new places and enjoying the nature in exotic countries. Whether you’d like to haggle in bazaars, fancy a siesta on the beach or want to look at spectacular landscapes, we’ve got the perfect list for you.

Marrakech, Morocco

Jet away to a city to inspire the senses. From rich jewel-colored buildings and skies that inspired fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent in his designs, to the earthy scents and spices available in the hustle and bustle of the Marrakech souks, you’re bound to return invigorated after experiencing Marrakech. Make sure you bargain with the merchants, though. Their first price will always be way too high, so haggle them down.

Cloud Forests, Ecuador

The Cloud Forests are one of Ecuador’s most incredible sights, nestled at the foot of the Andes. The forests in the Choco region have some of the most diverse animal and plant life in the world, where you can watch hummingbirds flutter by at incredible speeds in the day or spot fireflies on the evening guided walks. The sight is truly mesmerizing.

Seoul, South Korea

About as diverse from its northern cousins as it can be, South Korea’s flagship city has embraced all modern life has to offer, complete with towering skyscrapers and fine dining. But taking a walk around the streets of the city will also uncover food that will rival even the finest of restaurants. Those street vendors sure know what they’re doing.

Hamburg, Germany

While most tourists traveling to Germany will go for Berlin, a lot can be said for Hamburg, which was built surrounding water. The area is home to many canals, which you can cruise along and enjoy all the stunning architecture. Travel in May, and you’ll be lucky enough to enjoy the city’s birthday celebrations, too.


Does the scenery of Malta look a little familiar? Well, that’s because they used the island as a location for Game of Thrones. We’re sure that the country was picked because of its amazing history and incredible architecture, as well as beautiful sandy beaches that are just screaming out to be explored. Oh, and the country is home to no less than three world heritage sites, too.


Canada is celebrating its 150th year of independence this year, so festivities are bound to be plentiful. Visit British Columbia, and you’ll be surprised to learn that a country that you associate with snow is actually green and lush with pockets of desert and olive vines aplenty. We also love the warm, rich colors of the trees in New Brunswick’s forests, a dazzling delight of oranges, reds, and yellows that make us pine for autumn.

Granada, Spain

Taking a stroll around the streets of Granada conjures up scenes of days gone by, where tiled fountains, whitewashed walls, and rustic architecture were the norms. But don’t just feast your eyes, make sure to fill up your belly in one of the many bars with the local tapas. You’ll be glad you did. If you’re looking to work off the calories, try a trip to the Alhambra, the palace created by the final Islamic Spain dynasty the Nasrids. Each intricately carved stone reveals its own mystery.

New Zealand

The home of Hobbits is also the home of rugby, and during June and July is just when the country’s biggest tour happens, with the All Blacks taking on the British and Irish Lions. If you’d like to see where the Hobbit was filmed, take a look around Hamilton and Rotorua, here you’ll find familiar landscapes that showcase New Zealand to its best.

Copenhagen, Denmark

If you’re a foodie, you should come to Copenhagen. There are 16 Michelin Star restaurants in the city, including Geranium, which beat the famous Noma restaurant when it became the only restaurant in the country to hold three stars. The city is also home to great shopping locations, and the famous Little Mermaid statue, named after a character in the Hans Christian Andersen fairy-tale of the same name.

New Orleans, USA

One a little closer to home here, but unavoidable all the same. The invigorating city is home to the famous Mardi Gras parades in March, but at the same time, Jazz and bluegrass fans descend upon the city for huge musical celebrations. If you’re a fan of traditional jazz and good old fashioned cooking, you need to be a part of this!


Nature is the word of the day in Finland, where many areas are under state protection to preserve them. Whether you’d like to go for a stroll in one of the country’s national parks or explore rocky beaches, you are bound to find something for you. And if you’re planning on traveling as far north as Lapland, be sure to see the natural beauty that is the northern lights for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Pink beaches, check. Beautiful scenery, check. Bermuda is renowned for its relaxed way of life and excellent sporting facilities. If you’re a fan of golf, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the country’s many choices. The locals embrace the sea, taking part in deep-sea fishing, and this year the country hosts America’s Cup race,, with the Royal Naval Dockyard being a great place to gather and watch the excitement.

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