Refugees In Germany Are Desperately Trying To Return Home


German refugee shelters are in such a desperate state of disrepute that many refugees would rather return to where they fled from than to stay in Germany. This was highlighted when an Iraqi asylum seeker told Euronews that although he had travelled for 12 days to get to Germany he hoped others did not follow.

Others have told Deutsche Welle that the whole asylum process is far too time consuming including someone that has been waiting to receive a permit to stay for over 5 months, meaning that his family cannot join him, he cannot work or even move around freely.

Last year over 1 million people landed in Germany seeking asylum, the waiting periods are becoming more prolonged and there are thousands left crammed into the emergency shelters. People are spending all of the money they have making the trip to Germany, and then give up any hope of a new life in Europe. The money that they receive from the state barely covers the cost of food and the slow procedures have been named by the Iraqis as the main reason to return home.

Syrian Abdullah Alsoaan told The Wall Street Journal that he had come to Germany for diabetes treatment and cannot wait to get his new passport so that he can return home.  He cited that it was not the people or the country but it came down to the way of living and how this differed so dramatically from what he wanted for his family.

The Iraqi embassy located in Germany has issued about 1,500 passports in just 4 months to those who want to return home and these are single use passports. It is a similar situation in Finland according to the AFP reports that have confirmed that last week alone saw 70% of those Iraqi asylum seekers processed last year had abandoned their claim to return home.