Why plumbers make for the best spouses

That persistent faucet dripping can only mean one thing – it’s time to call the plumber. Only, when they arrive, you might want to ask about more than your U-Bend. Perhaps a date could be arranged? If you’re a plumber, you’re in luck as there are several reasons why plumbers make the best spouses. Whoever knew?

They’re handy

Yes, one of the biggest draws to marrying a plumber is how much they can help around the house. Many of us have been burned by those expensive call-out fees when the waterworks go wrong, especially if it’s an emergency. So what could be better than having an expert at your fingertips for the rest of your life? The best bit? You won’t get stuck with a whopping bill at the end of it all. Although they may ask for the odd glass of lemonade in return; it’s only fair.

Why plumbers make for the best spouses

They have a job for life

Robots may be taking over our lives, but it seems unlikely there will be a machine capable of fixing the entire plumbing network of a house. When looking for a partner, finances can make a huge impact. While Mr. Stockbroker may bring in the big bucks now, who’s to say the market won’t crash and he will be left penniless? Of course, career setbacks can happen to anyone. However, plumbers have a skill that will be needed for plenty of years to come.

They know the world

Plumbers get the chance to speak with people from all walks of life. This can be vital when learning life’s lessons thanks to all the knowledge they may learn through stories and conversations. Plus, plumbers know all the back routes to places as the whizz around the nation saving one plumbing disaster at a time. They have more than just their knowledge of plumbing; these plumbers often know how the world works better than most other people.

Why plumbers make for the best spouses

They have their own lives

Getting married shows that two lives are becoming one, but could you really be with your significant other ALL the time? Surely it must get dull? Marrying a business tycoon may see your life wash down the drain as you are expected to arrive at all the latest company dinners as you wine and dine clients. That’s great for a while, but what about your career? Marrying a plumber means you can both enjoy a day at work before coming back together every evening. That sounds more like it.

You can travel anywhere

Perhaps you have fallen victim to the travel bug over the years? It is a hard urge to satisfy. Or maybe you have yourself settled but know that a major move across the country could be on the cards in the years to come? This is just another reason why marrying a plumber is a good idea. Their type of work means they can work just about anywhere in the world without any extra training. Perhaps we should all consider getting down and dirty with these pipes?

Not only do plumbers know their way around the pipes, but they make for the best spouses thanks to all their wonderful talents. The big wigs can move over as it looks like it’s time to find ourselves a practical partner. Be right back; we’re just about to go and drill through our pipes…