Passing the time on a long bus drive

You know what we love? Road trips! But, you know something we really hate? Being stuck on a hot, stuffy bus for a long journey. We’ve all been there, or we certainly all will be, and it’s definitely not pleasant. But, sometimes it is an unfortunate necessity of travel and is often a cheap way of doing a long journey. So, the best thing to do is to make sure you come up with great ways of passing the time. So, these are some of the great things we have come up to help pass the time while you’re on a long bus drive.

Bring your tech

Technology is so much a part of our lives these days that we can’t imagine going without it for very long. So, what better way to while away the dull hours on that long bus journey than to bring some of your technology with you. Got a Kindle? Bring that, and you can start on the Harry Potter books again. Maybe you could bring an iPad and marathon The Vampire Diaries or Breaking Bad on Netflix. Having the right technology is crucial for helping you to pass the time and keep yourself occupied and interested. Make sure you charge things up before your journey though, so you don’t run out of juice. If you feel carsick looking down and focusing on a screen, why not download an audiobook? That way, you can look out the window while still listening to a good book being read to you.

Dress for comfort

The thing with long journeys is that they can make you hot, bothered, and uncomfortable. And this is the worst thing to happen when you are on a long journey, so, it’s best to prepare for this by dressing for comfort. You can always pack smarter clothes with you, but, for now, make sure you dress as comfortably as you possibly can. That means a t-shirt and sweats, and possibly a sweater if it gets cold later on. Wear comfy shoes as well, like sneakers; trust us, you will be so grateful you dressed this way, as it will make the journey much less arduous. You might even be able to catch some Zs as a result!

Pick the right soundtrack

It’s amazing how much music can help you to relax, and make a journey significantly less arduous. There are so many different songs and records you could choose, and using your Spotify or iTunes playlist would be perfect. We like to set ourselves a playlist for long journeys because it can really help pass the time and get you in the mood for the sprawling open roads. Sitting back with your eyes shut, aircon on, earbuds in, and some great tunes playing is the ideal way of helping pass the time on a long bus journey.

Catch some sleep

There are a lot of tried and tested formulas for passing the time on a long journey, but, there’s no doubt that sleep is the most effective. If you want to pass the hours, and ensure that you aren’t bored on a long bus ride, get some sleep. There are so many great reasons to sleep – as well as passing the time you will be refreshed and full of energy. Catch up on some of that sleep you don’t manage to get during the week, and really make the most of it.

Long bus rides can be arduous, especially if the weather is really hot outside. It’s really important that you give yourself plenty to do when it comes to the long journey. That way you will keep yourself amused, and you can be sure you won’t die of boredom! These are just a few of the top suggestions for helping you pass the time on a long journey – hopefully, you’ll be able to do at least a couple of these.