How Parenting Changed My Life as a Career Woman

Oh, the everlasting epic battle of motherhood vs. career, and I ask myself, when did it ever become such a big issue that thousands of ‘newborn moms’ have to, above all of their new life responsibilities, deal with that matter as well.

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Yes, being a new mom, and for the first time especially, is probably the hardest job in the world that you don’t even realize how difficult it’s going to get be until you’re actually there. So to think of going back to work or even looking for a new job while you’re already so exhausted and pretty much working full time, seems like an impossible mission. However, for your own sanity’s sake, you’d probably want to take that leap of faith, and better sooner than later or never.

There isn’t really a right or wrong answer when it comes to balancing motherhood, career, relationship, and god forbid, your own well being. Maybe it will always remain a mystery, but if you do decide to go for it, I believe it’s like taking huge baby steps, and yes i’m aware that’s an oxymoron, but when you’re a mom, you really need to up your game. That’s just how it is.


Apart from the many things I learned about myself from my ‘long’ experience as a new mom, (by the way, when do new moms stop referring to themselves as new moms?) Either way, I also learned a few things about myself as a career woman, and they have a lot to do with being a parent:

Balance – I can’t 100% say that I have that whole thing figured out, but if there’s one thing you learn is how to juggle between too many things, and that definitely helps when you’re facing your daily tasks at work.


Prioritize – Although I never had a real problem in that area, you do learn how to put your priorities straight, whether they have to do with your life at home or with your life at work, especially if you have a good support system that helps with that.

Focus – No matter how tired, angry, annoyed or hungry I might be, when I come in the office i’m as focused as I’ll ever be. Once you know you have a limited time to be in the office, you really pick up yourself and just use that time in the best and most efficient way possible. Oh and a few cups of coffee never hurt anyone.


Responsibility – It’s not like I define myself as a reckless, irresponsible person, but the minute someone else’s life become more important than yours and you know that you are the person that is responsible for their well being and they count on you, responsibility suddenly gets a whole new meaning.

Creativity – I think this part goes hand in hand with a new and improved sense of humor. When you have kids, the only way to really make it through the day is with some self humor and a glass of wine at the end of the day. This can really boost up your creative side.


The Little Things – On a more personal and emotional note, you do become more appreciative of the little things in life, like their first smile, and that in itself makes you a  much more grateful employee.