How to optimize your own LinkedIn profile

Almost anyone who wants to work with you, as well as current coworkers, will want to find out more about you by visiting your LinkedIn page at some point. LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world and has more than 250 million members. It is a great resource for job seekers, employers, employees, and business owners. So, it’s important to put some thought into your LinkedIn profile and ensure that you have a well organized and carefully written page.

Like any other online tool or system, the main objective is to have a profile that seems to make you stand out and appear distinguished among so many other profiles. Below are some of the tips that can help you create a good LinkedIn page that attracts attention.

How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

Choose your picture

First, it is really important to choose a professional image. Selfies are not appropriate. It is important to show yourself in a professional light and make a good first impression. Try selecting a color image, in which you are wearing professional clothes. You want to pick a picture of your face, and not of your whole body, because it is hard to see your face clearly. A smiling picture is also a plus because it will make you appear more approachable to your profile visitors. In addition, a smile shows that you are a positive and pleasant person. Smiling makes you seem like the type of colleague that everyone wants to work with.

Complete your profile

Having a complete profile makes you seem more professional and committed to your job search. You can see your progress on the right side of your profile page as a percentage, which tells you how complete your page is. Your profile will look best when it is 100% complete.

By following the suggested steps at the top of the LinkedIn page, you can make sure your profile is ready to be seen. You will need to add your education, practical experience, language skills, volunteer experiences, interests, certificates, and other relevant information to complete your profile.

How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

One of the first things someone will see through your profile is your primary address. Make sure all of the text is professionally written and that it lets people know quickly what you are doing and what you would like to do in the future (particularly if you are a recent college graduate).

It is highly recommended that you use keywords in your title because this will improve your “search” profile. Look at the top line of your LinkedIn page as a quick and concise statement of what you’re doing, something like a teaser that will attract reader interest and hopefully will motivate them to navigate through your entire profile.

Recommendations are your friend

Write recommendations for other people such as former employees or colleagues, so that others can do the same for you. The recommendations help you create a positive image of you as a businessperson. We all know how important it is to have a good and reliable reference when you are trying to develop your career.