Oh baby! The best and most useful parenting websites

Congratulations, you’re a newborn parent! Welcome to the most exciting, tiring, emotional, scariest, happiest and confusing time of your life. Becoming a parent for the first, the second or even the fifth time, can be a handful, no matter how much experience you may have. Don’t we all wish sometimes parenting would have come with a manual or some sort of guide to help us through, well, basically a life time? While it doesn’t come with any sort of written instruction, one thing you can’t say is that you lack information in this era. The problem, however, is not with the lack of information and tips around the web or in print, on the contrary, it’s the abundance of information that can be very very overwhelming.

There are endless questions and worries that come along this new parenting experience, especially in the first year of your newborn’s life. In fact, those questions begin way before you give birth to your precious child: How do I want my baby to be delivered? How often does she need to eat? When will he start eating solids? What do you do with a runny nose? These are all good questions that you might not even find the right answer to because you’ll get lost in that sea of information. That’s why we’ve selected the best websites that give you the most useful parenting tips and advices, and will make look at parenting from a whole different perspective.



From personal experience, babycenter is really your 101 to becoming pregnant and turning to a new parent from the minute you decide to bring babies to the world and even later. It literally has everything you need from well written articles and all the different topics that concern a newborn, like breastfeeding, sleep, diapering, activities and so on and so on. The best thing about babycenter are their weekly newsletters that are customarily sent to you based on your baby’s age with the most useful tips and interesting information.



Annabel Karmel

Once your baby starts showing in adult food around him, it could be amusing and terrifying at the same time. Just on the topic of baby food and eating habits alone. That’s where Annabel Karmel steps in. The recipes are divided by months (baby’s age), and they are all backed with pretty pictures and very easy guidelines. In addition, you will find general tips and videos.

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Yes, we know it might sound like a very simple name for a very overwhelming topic, but that’s the beauty of parenting.com, it’s all just laid out there in the simplest way possible for you, because what do we new parents ask for at the end of the day? Just a good and simple advice. Those little extra sections of baby names and family time just make the website a whole lot sweeter.

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Mommy Shorts

If you’re one of those who like to hear things straight in your face without anyone fluffing them just to make you feel better, than Mommy Shorts is the right blog for you! Blogs have for a long time now, become an inseparable part of our news consumption, as they make reading a lighter and more authentic experience. Mommy Shorts will give you the funny and the ugly truth, because honestly, no parent can go through parenting without a little bit of self humor. Apart from all the funny bits, the blogger will actually give you some great tips from her personal experience of being a mom of two.




CafeMom is really more for your soul, more than anything really. It doesn’t only deal with parenting issues from many interesting perspectives, but it also gives you your daily boost of light news all wrapped in a nice and aesthetic webpage. Who says that parenting and lifestyle don’t go hand in hand?