How often you should wash your hair, according to experts

Some of us can’t imagine making it through the day without washing our hair. Others love to push the boundaries of hygiene and leave it as many days as possible before heading back to the shower, but what is the right answer? To find out, we have to ask one simple question: how often should you wash your hair according to experts?

Average hair types

If you’re someone that has pretty average hair, doesn’t style it too much, and doesn’t suffer from greasy roots or dry ends then it seems as though you could save yourself a ton of money on shampoo and conditioner. Why? Because most experts believe you can get away with washing your hair every two to three days. This way, your hair won’t be stripped of the natural oils that keep it healthy.

How often you should wash your hair, according to experts

Curly, dry or brunette hair

If you have curly, dry, or brunette hair then you’re in luck – experts believe you can wash your hair just once a week to feel the benefits. Curly hair will feel the benefits as it usually doesn’t look as greasy as quickly as other hair. People with dry hair will discover the wonders as the natural oils from the roots will naturally work their way to the ends of your hair and keep them hydrated. Brunettes should also stick to once a week washes as too much shampoo could strip your natural color.

Short hair or people in cities

If you love having a shower and washing your hair, then it might be time to opt for a shorter style as people with this length are advised to wash their hair every day. This is because the oil will reach the ends of the hair quicker and hair may look greasier than those with longer styles. People that live or work in cities or live in high pollution areas might also benefit from more regular washing as the buildup of pollution can be damaging to your hair.

Those who love to style

Styling our hair can give us a different look every day, and some love to be more adventurous than others. However, using heated tools or products, such as hairspray, can quickly leave a buildup in our hair that is hard to ignore. The experts recommend washing every other day to avoid any grease in the hair. However, they also add that using a heat protectant and deep conditioning mask are best to keep hair protected from any heat damage.

How often you should wash your hair, according to experts

Washing our hair right

Believe it or not, but there is also a correct way to wash our hair. Experts suggest gently massaging shampoo into the roots and leaving it for three minutes to remove any grease. Then rinse and repeat to get the benefits from the product. Also, avoid washing the ends of your hair as this can be drying, then, merely use some light conditioner on the ends to keep them nice and hydrated.

So there we have it – the answer to how often you should wash your hair according to the experts. They say the more you wash your hair, the more it will need it, so it might take some battling through the first few days of getting used to your new routine, but our hair will thank us in the end.