How much TV is too much TV in the binge-watching age?

We’re in an age now where it’s never been easier to find and watch basically any TV series that’s ever existed. Online streaming services have revolutionized the way we consume TV, transforming the relationship that audiences have with some of their favorite TV programs – whether this change is positive or negative is debatable.

Instantly accessible home entertainment is no longer just right on our doorstep, it now sits directly in the palm of our hands at the click of a button. So how much TV is too much? Here are some signs that you might need to switch off for a while.

How much TV is too much TV in the binge-watching age?

You’ve become a hermit

Everyone loves a good Friday night in curled up on the couch – door locked, fridge stocked, lights dimmed. But if you find yourself preferring a night alone with Netflix than a lovely evening with your friends, then perhaps you need to reconsider how much TV is good for you and your wellbeing. Don’t become a recluse.

You can’t stop talking about TV

If you start to understand and appreciate every pop culture reference out there, we’re afraid that’s a clear cut sign you know way too much about the goings on with TV. Do you find yourself making conversations about characters and storylines that your friends have no idea about? Perhaps they give you a strange, concerned look? If this is you, maybe read a book instead.

Your sleeping pattern has changed

Nowadays you don’t even have to press anything to make the next episode roll over to the next. Binge-watching culture has never been so rife. The danger of this easy-watching is it can put you into a mindless trance where you don’t realize the time – next thing you know it’s , and you’re on the tenth season in ten days. Get to sleep!

How much TV is too much TV in the binge-watching age?

You keep rewatching seasons

We all have our own favorite TV shows that we can rewatch endlessly. In fact, they usually get better and better each time. However, there is a fine line between what’s good for you and what’s not, so be mindful on how much you rely on TV in your day to day life.

You multitask while watching TV

It’s real easy to stick on the TV when you’re carrying out your chores or doing a home workout, but it’s also very distracting that simply isn’t necessary. Is the TV awake whenever you are? Is it the first thing you do in the morning? Do you have a TV in every room of your house?

You’re spending too much money

There are numerous streaming services available nowadays, all of which come with a price to pay too. Having a plan with one of these services is just fine, but if you have multiple payments coming out of bank account from several different services, then you’re only wasting your own money. Spending a lot of dollars on weekend takeaways can also take a good chunk out of your monthly pay package, so close the Deliveroo app, get up off the couch and get in the kitchen.

If a lot of these things we’ve listed sound like you, then needn’t worry, we’re all in the same boat. Just be sensible and conscious of the amount of TV you are watching. It can begin to affect your mental and physical health much more than you may realize.