Money-saving tips that absolutely anyone can do at home

Cash. Dough. Moola. Buckaroos. While the terms for money can vary from person to person, the goal to obtain more of it remains relatively consistent across the board. However, life can definitely be expensive. From your rent to your phone bill, it can sometimes feel as though there’s always someone standing there with an outstretched palm, asking for their share of your hard-earned dollars. What’s an aspiring penny-pincher to do? If you’re looking to cut back on your expenses, but you don’t want to feel deprived, you may want to take a closer look at these five simple money-saving tips that you can easily do at home!

Break up with your barista

Of all of the suggestions that we’re giving you here, this one is probably going to hurt the most. That’s why we’re leading with it. It’s like tearing off a bandage – get the difficult stuff over with first, then everything else is a cakewalk, right? But seriously. Those mocha frappe drinks are doing a significant number on your wallet. At six bucks (or more!) each, you’re literally throwing your money away. Why not spring for a French press and DIY your next cuppa? Not only does it taste so much better, but it’s also going to add up to mega dollars over time in savings, too.

Money-saving tips that absolutely anyone can do at home

Let the Dirty Dishes Pile Up

We know what you’re thinking: yuck. Perhaps the only thing worse than doing dishes is having to stare at the mounting pile of dirty plates in your sink. Look, we’re not telling you to give up your kitchen hygiene completely. That’s not only totally icky, it’s also a breeding ground for nasty bacteria, too. All we’re saying is that if you wait until you have a full load to run your dishwasher, you can save a nice chunk of change each time you do dishes. (Oh, and a bonus money-saving tip here? Skip the drying cycle and just air out your dishwasher once the load is done. Boom. You’re killing two birds with one stone!)

Grow a Windowsill Garden

Some people were naturally born with a green thumb. Others, though? Their thumbs are black as night, through and through. That said, the herb market is absolutely ridiculous. Who sets these exorbitant prices? When you consider that a mere half-ounce of chives is going to set you back a cool fiver, then you’ll quickly realize that there’s legit money in growing your own plants at home. Still hesitant? If you’re worried that you’re going to kill your plant, take a deep breath. Many herbs are surprisingly hardy, so you have nothing to worry about. You got this!

Money-saving tips that absolutely anyone can do at home

Try a new recipe

If you’re a foodie, then your idea of a good time is probably visiting that restaurant that just opened up in your neighborhood. And yeah, trying new cuisine is definitely a fun experience, but gosh. Those itty-bitty meals can be so darn expensive! You take two bites and you’re looking at an empty plate and an equally empty wallet. Instead of blowing all of your money this weekend at a fancy restaurant, why not spend some time bonding with your beloved in your kitchen? Try a new recipe, bond over a novel experience, and share some laughs while you secretly master the art of frugality. It’s a win-win!

Brown-Bag It

Even if you’re not a secret gourmand, you probably still enjoy hitting the drive-thru for your midday respite. While the double arches aren’t exactly known for classy fare, they always hit the spot with their hot and crispy fries and layers of gooey cheese on their burgers. Not only are they costly, though, they’re also brutal on your waistline. On the other hand, throwing last night’s dinner leftovers into a plastic tub and zapping it in the office microwave is not only going to give you a more balanced meal, it’s also a fraction of the price. Bon appétit!

Money-saving tips that absolutely anyone can do at home

Laugh your way to the bank

Money is a funny thing. Everyone wants it, we all need it, but the desire to accumulate more of it is often considered a slightly naughty concept. Whether you’re pushing yourself harder at work, trimming off the unnecessary frivolities in your life, or trying to find some balance in-between both extremes, we can all benefit from a little extra income. If you’re finding yourself wanting to save a few extra dollars, though, look no further than these tips. Even if you try just one or two of them, you’ll find that they’ll add up quickly – giving you more money for the more essential things in your life!