What is a minimalistic way of life

Many of us never really take the time to step back and really look at our lives. If we did, we would probably notice that we all live our lives in excess. We constantly buy more and more products that don’t add any value to our lives but clutter up our mind and clutter our houses. This is why more and more people are embracing a minimalist way of life, and really seeing a change in their happiness and livelihoods. So what is a minimalistic way of life?

What is a minimalistic way of life


A minimalistic way of life is where a person adopts the idea of minimalism – and aims to devoid their life of gluttony and excess and swap it for one that is simple and clean. Many of us nowadays judge our success by the things we own and the amount of money we have, and we live in a world that is governed by consumerism, with people telling us what to buy and how to live our lives. However, minimalists believe that cluttering our lives with more and more stuff will leave us with less and less meaning in our lives. By getting rid of things we don’t need, we will regain a sense of self and focus on what we actually need to focus on.

Minimalism is reducing

Minimalists believe that the first step we need to take for better lives is to reduce everything around us. This means going through your whole house and chucking out or donating any of your possessions that you don’t need. Do you really need that cat ornament? Do you really need 65 pairs of shoes? Why do you have so many chairs in your house? We all know the feeling after a yearly spring-clean when you have decluttered your house of dirt, dust, and rubbish. Minimalism is the same concept, but is something you do every day rather than once a year – and a clear house will leave you with a clean mind.

Gives you more time for you

After a stressful week at work, many of us take ourselves over to the home depot to stock up on new bed sheets, or new cushions to fill our houses because we think it will make us feel better. However, minimalists want to draw your attention to how much time you spend doing this. The few hours you spend walking around a store and trying to make yourself feel opposite will not have the desired effect. Instead, you should focus your time on yourself, your hobbies, your health and your interests. We all moan that we have no time, but are you just wasting the time you do have?

What is a minimalistic way of life

Less distractions

One of the main ideas behind minimalism is that we need to get rid of the distractions around us. Although the money we spend on stuff to fill our homes may offer us comfort and happiness for an hour, it will not make you feel truly happy. Minimalists believe that material possessions do nothing but fill a temporary void. The first step towards living a minimalist lifestyle is to ignore the constant badgering of adverts and consumerism and realize that money, and material possessions do not make us truly happy. Only our true selves can make us truly happy.

Making the move

So, a minimalistic way of life is one that is devoid of clutter. Making the first move can be tough, as we are so attached to our personal belongings – but that is where the problem lies. When looking at your things, you need to decide if they really make you happy, whether they are necessary and whether you would be sad if they were gone. You need to ignore the calls of other people who tell you you need those things and throw them out.

Minimalists often say that they are happier and content in their lives. Could you live as a minimalist?