Millennial Stress Management 101

Millennials, generation Y, children of the baby boomer generation, born between 1980 and 2000 are one stressed out generation. They are the first to grow up with technology as a wingman to their physical beings. Studies show that they are more ambitious, highly educated, tech savvy (naturally) and confident. Millennials use technology as part of their daily lives, practically to a fault. Texting has replaced telephone conversations, expectations of them have grown to the point of impossibility, and social interaction is almost like a video game at this point.


Although technology is a good thing, and has basically shaped the future of the world’s economy, it has also brought about the stresses that mount on the millennial mind. The fastest growing industry in the world of millennials is technology, all forms of it. With the growing pressure that lies in the competition between companies and therefore people, the stress levels of the average millennial is skyrocketing to a point of no return.

With this growing stress continuing to climb, we have found some sure fire ways to decompress. Some of these are textbook techniques, while others are more outside the box:


Whether you’re into running, yoga, basketball, or any other form of physical exertion – do it! This is the number one way to decompress. Depending on what you’re into, working out is chemically proven to introduce more serotonin into your brain, making you happier, and add a kick of endorphins to get you through it all. Doing some form of exercise is also another way to get your mind off things, all kinds of things, but especially those that are bothering you and making you worry.



Sometimes, taking a moment and a step back from the world is something that can be very helpful in managing stress. Put your phone, laptop, iPad, or any other electronic device and make sure it isn’t in the room with you, then just get in a comfortable spot and sit there for a while. Empty your mind as best you can and just breath. Call it meditation, or a moment of silence, either way this is proven to help lower stress hormones.



Read a book, watch a movie, knit, or go out with friends (and don’t talk about work!). Lose yourself in an activity where your mind goes somewhere else. I personally enjoy reading and film watching, living through the characters on the page or screen helps my mind stay blank for a while, letting the worries of the day go away, even if for just a limited time.



On the deeper level of issue of stress, is dealing with what is causing it. Usually we are stressed about work, money, our future; if that’s the case, sit down and start making a plan. Write everything out, whether it be a budget or a career goal timeline, write it out and organize things in a way that is realistic. Organizing things in a way that is feasible will also help you see if you are perhaps looking to make some changes in your life, which is perhaps more stress on you that you weren’t even aware of.


Over all, stress management for millennials is as important as breathing, since the pressure is only growing and dealing with it is inevitable. Many don’t feel the need and think they can handle everything, until one day they realize that they should have stopped and taken stock much earlier in their lives. So this is the moment to stop and take stock, if even the stress level is manageable, it can be even better if you would just stop and sweat, meditate, escape and/or organize.