Miley Cyrus on Instagram like you’ve never seen her

Miley Cyrus is one of the most popular and well known young pop stars of our time, and for good reason. Miley’s already shown her talents in music, film, modeling, and basically any other type of entertainment the world likes to feed us, but beyond all there, she also offers us one heck of a life story. And together with her soulful brand of pop and country music, intelligent interviews and inspiring activism, her Instagram pictures just one more captivating chapter in Miley’s journey.

From her Hannah Montana days when she was a child star, all the way to the present moment, there has always been a narrative in this girl’s life. But while a lot of her “story” has been told through the lens the media decided to portray her, the cool thing about Instagram is that it allows Miley to tell her own story, one that the media can’t alter or change. These rare Instagram photos of Miley Cyrus are some of the most intimate ones we’ve ever seen, and we think you’ll agree with us when we say that they’re perfect, or perfectly imperfect, just the way they are.

A classy showgirl from birth

Considering the fact that Miley has been connected to the world of show business since she learned how to walk, it makes sense that she would have been exposed to various forms of entertainment, such as Vegas shows. The outfit she has on has a very “Vegas-like” theme to it, with the silver sparklers and the glittery high heeled boots that go up to her knees. She knows how to make an entrance, and you best believe that she knows how to take a good picture. She really does look more mature than she ever has in this picture, posing like a natural in various different ways. Hmm, maybe she should start modeling and singing, too?

Miley from the block

Our title is a reference to the hit Jennifer Lopez tune “Jenny from the block,” in case you weren’t aware, and there’s a reason that we wanted to reference it here. The song is all about how even though J-Lo is famous, she still remembers where she came from. Even though Miley has never really known a life where she isn’t famous, the idea that there’s something about her that we don’t understand is something that we believe is present within her attitude in this photo.

Instagram perfection

One of the reasons millennials love Instagram so much is due to all of the different filters and special little emojis and pictures you can attach to your selfies. As you can see, Miley is utilizing these assets to the fullest in this selfie she took while wearing a flowery bathrobe-like garment. With her tongue sticking out, her dyed blond ponytail shooting up, and a gaggle of pinks hearts dancing around her frame, this picture really does speak for itself.

Pretty in pink

Like we said before, Miley is all about those thematic color sequences, and as you can see here, she decided to go that route again with the pink combination of her nail polish and lips. But don’t let those bright colors distract you – you may not realize this, but you’re probably getting affected by those extremely long piercing eyelash extensions that she’s put on as well, which look great underneath her short blond hair.

Post-shower fun

We all know how refreshing showers can be, and in addition, there is nothing quite as illuminating as when we walk through that steamy bathroom and put on our towel. It’s a feeling that can allow us to really let our guard down in the best way possible, because it’s a very reflective and “feel good” moment. As you can see here, Miley decided to share that moment with all of her fans, as she took a fun post-shower selfie for us all to witness.

Party in the U.S.A.

One of Miley’s most popular songs is that of “Party in the U.S.A.,” and the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team even admitted one season that it was the song they blasted in their locker room after every time they won a game. The type of energy that shined through in that song is very present in this picture, most notably because of the plastic silver ’80s rockstar wig she’s wearing, along with her overall attitude in the photo.

Silent but deadly

To quote the Grammy award winning bass player Victor Wooten, “Most people play louder to get someone’s attention, but getting quieter can stop a bull from charging.” This picture reminds us profoundly of this statement, because in contrast to how we normally are used to seeing Miley, loud and brash, she has a relatively quiet demeanor here. And to reference Wooten’s quote, it is no less effective in getting our attentions – wouldn’t you agree with us there?

Closed at all times

These two pictures are just awesome, because they show Miley in a setting that defy the glitz and glamorous settings we’re normally used to seeing her in front of. Even when she’s taking selfies at home, she is rarely standing in front of a giant ugly sign that reads, “Garbage room doors must be closed at all times.” And yet, even in that setting, she manages to pull off a couple of a model-esque poses that get the job done quite well.


Would you disagree that the word “kaleidoscope” doesn’t describe perfectly what you see in front of you? Indeed, Miley can sometimes get so creative and wacky with her outfits that she can look like a kaleidoscope of all colors – and this is capitalized when you consider the nature of her personality. What we mean by that is that Miley herself is a kaleidoscope… it’s not just the colors she wears externally, but who she is internally, as well.


The picture you see here is actually from when Miley was a little bit younger than some of the other ones you’ve seen so far, but it’s just as effective. In fact, unlike some of the other Instagram posts here, it’s one of the more famous behind the scenes selfies she’s ever taken, but some people have forgotten about its existence. But like an old Beatles song, some things are just timeless, and they never get old.

Circus hoops

Okay, maybe we exaggerated a little bit with the description of the earrings that Miley is wearing here, but hey, at least we didn’t say “ferris wheel hoops.” Hoop earrings are one of the more popular styles of earrings that girls like to wear, and sometimes it can be interesting to see how big they can get. Miley seems to have taken the size of her hoop earrings to another level, purchasing ones that have a larger circumference than a grapefruit.

Vivid yellow

Miley doesn’t just look for interesting outfits to wear – the vision she sees is a lot larger than all of that. If this picture is any indication, this girl has got a massive outlook regarding how a good Instagram post is made, and for her, it starts with the color sequence. Here, she’s creatively decided to go with a bright yellow theme, with a yellow shirt, yellow shades, and even vividly dyed yellow hair.

Doggy filter

As we acknowledged before, one of the funnest things about Instagram are the exciting and innovative filters that the technological wizards are always coming out with, and this time around, Miley decided to take good advantage of the doggy filter. This is one of the more popular filters out there, one that allows the user to look into the camera, before a cute set of dog ears and nose appear on their face. Miley pulls it off well, don’t you think?


We’ve hinted at it before, but now we’re just going to go all out and say it – Miley Cyrus is a girl with attitude. And we mean that in the best way possible. Just check out this picture, one that we believe says it all in one fell swoop. With her blond “G.I. Jane” style haircut, and her hipster overalls, the mirror selfie she took here really lays it all out on the line. But it’s really her downplayed expression that brings it all together.

Beach vibes

There’s nothing like a fun day at the beach, with all of the fun things that encompass an adventure like that. Maybe it’s a super hot day and you wish to wade around in the ocean, getting refreshed in the process. Or maybe you feel like playing some volleyball, and grab a cold beer right afterward. Or maybe you don’t feel like doing any of that, and just want to relax on a towel with a nice book – as long as Miley’s around, we’re good with any of it.

Growing up

There’s that attitude again… Indeed, she really does seem to have a unique way of approaching the world, or at least that’s what it looks like from our point of view. We remember the days where Miley was just sweet little Hannah Montana, her on screen persona within another on screen persona, weirdly enough. She seemed so innocent back then, which is perhaps why is was so shocking for fans to see her grow up into an young adult woman.

Leopard outfit

And now we have part three in our wonderful series of amazing color sequences, where the art and costume director is none other than Miley Cyrus herself. This time, we have got a sultry looking leopard design outfit, which she may or may not be wearing to some sort of costume party – again she does tend to blur those lines a lot, doesn’t she? Even the color of her hair kind of blends in nicely with the outfit, if we do may say so ourselves.


Whatever you want to say about Miley, this girl clearly loves her country. You see the red, white and blue theme right? She’s got the red lipstick, and flanked with her blue and white American flag-inspired stars on her bathing suit, she is clearly making a statement that she’s a proud American. When you think about it, she really has given a lot to her country, most notably her catchy pop songs that have inspired thousands.


After all of the applause dies out and the spotlight darkens, there comes a time to just let go, and reflect on everything that’s been going on. This is the case with everyone, not just celebrities, but if this picture is any indication, Miley is obviously no stranger to the occasional bout of tiredness. Her eyes are slightly droopy, and yet she looks very peaceful and serene, without a care in the world, waiting for her next big adventure.

Hello Hannah

There is certain clash of two worlds that is taking place in this picture. On the one hand, we have Miley Cyrus wearing her classic Hannah Montana wig. On the other hand, is wearing an outfit that is more revealing than anything Hannah Montana ever would have worn. The effect is very captivating, and it almost epitomizes to the letter exactly how everyone felt when Miley started maturing into the young woman you see in front of you now.

Chewing gum

In this picture, Miley is hitting at us from all cylinders. She’s got the thick blue eyeliner going for her, which complements her big bright eyes. To match her eyeliner, she’s wearing some sort of blue costume-type outfit, which suggests there might be a lot more to the story if the camera was just a bit further away. And finally, she is stretching a piece of gum from her mouth, rounding out the picture in a carefree and flirty way that gives it five stars.

Tie dyed leggings

After a long day’s work, Miley needs some time to stretch her limbs and unwind. She probably has a plethora of trusty workout outfits to choose from, but we’re grateful she decided to go with the one we see here. We especially love the tie dyed pants, and we think it’s very “hippie” of her to go that route. Whether she was just pumping iron or deep into a yoga pose, we’re thankful she took time out of her activities to gift us this photo.

Horseback ride

Was Miley Cyrus a jockey in a past life? She must be, with the way she’s riding that toy horse with such ease. Have you ever seen the classic ‘60s movie National Velvet, starring iconic beauty, actress Elizabeth Taylor? In the movie, Taylor plays a jockey, and her love of horses outweighs the fact that girls aren’t allowed to be jockeys. Miley kind of reminds us of Taylor here, showing how much love for horses can go a long way.

Get this party started

Well if it isn’t Miley again, getting ready for a fun night out on the town. It’s a good thing she doesn’t live in New York, or she’d be freezing her buns off all night long. The benefits of living on the West Coast are that you can dress minimally and still be comfortable outside on a Saturday night. All in all, our girl has certainly done a great job putting herself together in this picture, and her pose makes us want to hang with her even more.

Another tongue pic

In case you haven’t noticed by now, there is something Miley loves doing in a lot of her pictures – and that’s sticking out her tongue. Here we have her sticking her pink tongue out again in true Miley fashion, only this time she seems to have added a little bit of extra flare. Combined with her edgy blond hairstyle, heavy eyeliner and mascara, and her nonchalant look of indifference to the camera, this tongue picture is one of her best.

White rabbit

The beauty of Instagram is that it is a place that you can post not only your pictures that occur behind closed doors, but also your most elaborately wacky photo shoots that take place throughout your career. As you can see, Miley decided to go for a “bunny rabbit” style photoshoot, and then share it with her Instagram followers. Needless to say, they were all very pleased, and sales for bunny rabbits shot up that weekend.

P!nk’s doppelgänger

Miley truly is somewhat of a mysterious shapeshifter when it comes to how she dresses and puts herself together. No joke, she literally resembles fellow pop star P!nk in this picture, with her frosted blonde tips and short hair. But it’s more than just the hair: it’s the overall attitude she exudes, which again, is such a big part of her persona these days; it’s clear that she’s getting influenced by all kinds of artists, in addition to P!nk.

Just enjoy it

Now this picture right here… Well, there really is everything to say, and nothing to say about it at the same time. On one hand, we’d prefer to just stop, stare, and admire the work of art that has been brought before us on this planet we call earth. On the other hand, we could definitely try to analyze what it is about this picture that makes it so hypnotizing. But like most things in life, sometimes it’s easiest to just enjoy it.

Lady lizard

Another tongue picture from our girl Miley here, and we have to say we’re a little bit impressed at the way she keeps changing it up on that front. Here she seems to be going with the “lizard style tongue,” a bold choice, but nonetheless effective if she wants to ward off unwanted predators. All jokes aside, she looks stunning here as she either prepares for a nice, long tan, or a nice dip in a pool – or both?

Hairnet selfie

Everyone needs themselves a little hairnet selfie every once in a while… right? No, we’re just kidding. Selfies are great and all, but we’re not exactly sure why Miley decided to wear a hairnet in this picture. It’s not that she doesn’t look great in it – it just doesn’t make sense. But then again, perhaps fashion doesn’t have to make sense… and since when has Miley cared about what other people think in regards to her wardrobe choices?

Suspenders selfie

It looks like suspenders are making a comeback in the fashion world. Or at least, they are if Miley has anything to say about it. With her signature tongue out, and a mirror selfie in the works, she rocked a black pants-black suspenders look in this Instagram post, and to be honest, we think she pulled it off pretty well. Not everyone can bring back a retro look like that and make it look like a breath of fresh air.


Well lookie who we have here. It’s our girl Miley again, except now she’s brought us some punk style. Not the gothy-punk style, like but more like an old school classic rock punk vibe. In other words, she looks like she could be on her way to a Ramones concert. She’s practically a young Debbie Harry in this picture, ready to go on for a set at CB-GBs. We like this look on Miley, and we hope we see it around more often.

Double trouble

Clearly, Miley is good at imitating herself, because she managed to do the exact same pose in two different pictures. This is nothing new, for we’ve already acknowledged that she has a ton of signature looks. That being said, we think this compilation here especially hits it on the nail, in the way she’s hypnotizing us with a radiant smile on the left, and combining it with a domineering glance on the right. And that pink dress suits her pretty nicely too…

Loves her mama

So far, we’ve shown you only pictures of Miley on her own. But her Instagram account is actually filled with pictures of her and her loved ones, and right here is a touching selfie of her and her mother, Tish Cyrus. With the chef and apron that Miley’s wearing, it looks like these two are really enjoying some mother-daughter bonding time, and the smiles on their faces show it. Miley’s wildly happy expression in particular shows us how much she’s enjoying herself – someone loves her mama!

Up close

This isn’t the first picture we’ve shown you of Miley with her short hair, bleached blonde hair look. That being said, this is the first one we’ve shown you of it up close, where it’s all we really focus on. In a stellar work of smartphone photography, she managed to present her look powerfully, using the arrangement of colors to her advantage, with her hair, her bright red lipstick, the yellow background, and her not-too-tanned skin.

Road trippin’

Looks like Miley’s getting ready for a fun road trip, as she poses gracefully against what very well might be her private bus. Considering she’s wearing pants that say on it “I (heart) Washington D.C.,” something tells us that’s where she’s off to. Perhaps she’s getting ready to perform in a concert out there, which could explain why she looks so excited. As most musicians would say, there really is nothing quite as exciting as the way you feel before playing a show.

Forest relaxation

This picture manages to do a couple of things simultaneously. It manages to put us in a state of deep relaxation. Miley’s contagious relaxed expression within this forest atmosphere is something that is very calming to look at. That being said… it’s not always easy to relax when there is someone quite as enchanting as Miley sitting in front of us. And with that dress, well… relaxing may be easier said than done for a number of people in this world.