How to memorize things more quickly than other people

Have you ever felt like your memory just isn’t good enough? Whether it’s because we forget daily chores or events, or whether it’s because we want to get a one-up on our friend who is taking the same test as us, there is absolutely nothing wrong with training your brain to improve your memory. However, learning new information can take a while – and most of us don’t have time to sit down for hours on end memorizing these details. So how do you do it? Well, check out these epic life hacks on how to memorize things more quickly than other people.


Prepare yourself

As much as we wish we had full conscious control over our mind, we don’t. Don’t worry; it’s nothing to do with robots (yet, anyway). Instead, our brains like to take over and do what they like unconsciously, meaning all the little bits of information around us is being taken in and processed by our brains. Of course, if we’re trying to focus on one thing to enhance our memorization time, this is going to serve as a distraction. So – you need to prepare yourself! To utilize your memory, you need to find yourself a quiet area to learn and memorize your information, away from any bright lights, colors, posters, or people. You need to keep your brain’s sole focus on the task at hand.

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Record yourself

If you’re an auditory learner, you don’t gain a lot from simply reading a book and hoping that it will somehow embed itself into your memory. Instead, you learn through listening. So why not record what you need to learn? This could be recording yourself reading through your notes, or it could be recording your lecturer. Either way, you can then go back and listen to the recording to further enhance your memorization.

Write everything down

So if you’re not an auditory learner, what can you do? Well, this might mean that you’re a visual learner and need to have every single thing in your life written down again and again in front of you (yep, you’re now looking at your shopping list, to-do list, and wish-list, and realizing that you are, in fact, a visual learner). Repeatedly writing down the information you hope to memorize is one of the best ways to memorize things more quickly, because your brain becomes more familiar with the information in front of you, and can often lead to you visualizing the page, and the information, in your head… even without the paper in front of you.

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Repeat, repeat, repeat

The easiest way to memorize something more quickly is to repeat it (the easiest way to memorize something more quickly is to repeat it). Psychologists looking into memory have found that repetition is the best way to avoid losing the information from your short-term memory and aiding its transition into the long-term memory. The aim of the game is to repeat each line of information enough times so that you can take your eyes away from the page and still recall it. If you repeat it out loud, you’ll aid your memorization even further.

Teach someone else

There’s a reason teachers know everything by heart (and not just because they’re weirdly super smart). It’s because they teach others the information they know every single day. Researchers have found that teaching others what you are trying to learn is one of the most effective forms of memorization, because it not only allows you to repeat yourself (which we know is a great form of memorization.) but also convinces yourself and others that you know the information well enough to recall it from memory.

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