Matte, metallic, frosted: your guide to lipstick finishes

It seems as though the world of makeup is one of those ever-expanding things that just keeps getting bigger. However, with everyone trying to out contour each other, it can be hard to keep up with all the lingo, right? Lipstick was once something that seemed so simple. However, words like matte, metallic, and frosted have left us with our head in a spin. Have no fear; here’s your guide to lipstick finishes that will have you talking like an expert in no time.

Matte lipstick

This is the trend that many of us have seen all over social media and is one of arguably one of the boldest lipstick looks. Matte lipstick comes in a range of daring colors and can be the perfect way to inject some personality into your look. They have no shine meaning they rely on their color alone to sparkle. However, matte lipsticks can also be very drying. It’s important to keep lips well exfoliated and moisturized if you plan on wearing this look for long.

Metallic lipstick

This might be a look that is hard to imagine but hear us out. Metallic lipsticks look like metal that has been melted down and turned into lipstick. It offers a shine like no other yet isn’t an overpowering shimmer. These lipsticks often come in creamier options meaning they can be worn on most days of the week. That’s not all. Their metallic properties mean these lipsticks will reflect a lot of light. Be warned: metallic lipsticks aren’t for the faint-hearted.

Frosted lipstick

Feel as though you still need a bit of shine to add to your outfit? Look no further. These are one of the toughest lipsticks to master as they are laced with a pearly shimmer that will illuminate your entire face if you’re not careful. Frosted lipsticks add the perfect amount of shine to any favorite colors as they can be layered over the classics already in your makeup drawer. However, they, too, can be highly drying and lips may need a lot of moisturizing as a result.

Satin lipstick

Perhaps you’re looking for a blend of every type of lipstick? Chances are you’ll be able to find a satin lipstick that works. These are the creamier version of our favorite matte colors that come teamed with a dash of shimmer. Thankfully, they aren’t too drying either, and are known to stay put a lot longer than other variants on the market. It seems as though there is nothing a satin lipstick can’t do!

High-shine lipstick

This lipstick does precisely what it suggests in the name – gives you plenty of shine. Some of us love the idea of having wet-look lips but don’t want the hassle of our hair getting stuck to our lips every two seconds like so often happens when we wear lip gloss. If this sounds like one of your many struggles, then it could be time to try out a high-shine lipstick. You might just need to reapply a little throughout the day to maintain that high-shine effect from dawn to dusk.
Whoever knew there could be so much to learn in your guide to lipstick finishes? It turns out all those words do mean something after all. At least now we can look like experts next time we are browsing the aisles of Sephora.

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