Looking for his wife on the CCTV camera, he found her lying on the floor

After hearing her son’s cries from his bedroom, the young mother, like all of us, decided to try and relax the infant in his room. After a while, when her husband noticed that she did not come back downstairs, he decided to check the CCTV baby to see what it happening. What he saw there stunned him and their friends that night. Here is what her husband found out on the CCTV camera.

The mystery begins

While the young couples were laughing and chatting with each other like any other night, their baby boy who slept upstairs had trouble sleeping due to the noise. The young mother then decided to try and relax the infant. After a while, when her husband noticed that she did not come back downstairs, he decided to check the CCTV baby to see what it happening. Upon looking at the camera, He then saw his wife strangely lying on the floor in their son’s room.


The parents

Meet Caryn and Tyrone Morris. A charming young couple who lives in Durban, a city located in the KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa. Our story begins in January 2017, when the young parents invite several friends to join them for dinner at their house. While they arrived at night time, it was early for Caryn and Tyrone’s year old son, Brody to go to bed. As children are often the main attraction of every social gathering, it was only natural for Brody to provide fun and entertainment for the young group.


Going to sleep

Little Brody sure liked to be the center of attention. As the hours passed by, it was soon the young toddler’s time to go to bed.  Tyrone kissed him good night and then Caryn took him upstairs to his room to put him to sleep. However, like every other normal baby, young Brody did not share his parents’ enthusiasm to go to sleep. For Caryn Morris, the night was only the beginning.


Watching his wife

All of Caryn endeavors and attempts to put Brody to sleep were filmed on the CCTV camera that they installed in the infant’s room. As it turned out, Tyrone, the father, believed that what his wife did was so bizarre and unique that he decided to make a copy of the video footage from that night and uploaded it on the internet. The video soon became extremely viral, garnering millions of viewers from around the globe.


hearing noises

Apparently, the beginning of the evening was fairly conventional. Upon hearing loud noises from the room upstairs, Caryn left the guests at the dinner party and went upstairs to see what is wrong. The mother approached his room to attend the baby’s needs and to put him back to sleep. While she thought that her visit would be short, she then realized that Brody stayed awake all this time because he heard their chatting and noise from downstairs.


refusing to sleep

Caryn then tried to calm the toddler and to put him to sleep. Unfortunately for her, the young infant was not going to give up so soon. “He was moaning and wanted to get out of the cot. Every time I walked out the room he would stand up and moan,” Caryn recalled during an interview with a famous news channel in South Africa, following her video’s viral success on social media.

A growing frustration

As the minutes went by, The young mother slowly became more and more frustrated by the situation. Wanting to enjoy her night off, she soon became restless and was eager to return back downstairs to spend more time with her friends, but young Brody was in the mood for playing and refused to let his mother go. Sadly, It is a scenario that many young parents all around the world could easily relate to.


An exprienced mother

While Caryn could easily be seen within the general stereotype of a young mother, she was already skilled and trained in this kind of situations. The mother knew that these things usually take time and had to be done step by step. “I decided to sit on the floor next to the cot so he could see me. He then just lay there with his eyes a little bit open”, she said.


Lying on the floor

After she noticed that it has been a while, she took it to the next step as she tried to lie down on the floor. She began moving slowly in order to not let Brody know about her movement. While doing so, Caryn looked at him to confirm that he’s asleep. “I lay back… he didn’t flinch or move or try and get out the cot,” she said. The next stage was the hardest of them all, as the baby was known as a very light sleeper.


Everyone is watching

Caryn’s next step in order to leave her baby’s room was the hardest endeavor of all. Unbeknownst to her knowledge, she was already a leading star in a middle of a show. As it turned out, all of her friends who attended the dinner party were already watching her attempts the entire time through the CCTV downstairs. All of them laughed and her husband Tyrone recorded all of her actions, who would soon be seen by millions of viewers.


The Morris manuever

Although Caryn is definitely the athlete mother, it was later revealed that her husband Tyrone was a professional gymnast in his past. Caryn soon realized that it was time for her to perform some of her own tricks and maneuvers. While she could have waited for the toddler to go sleep and then leave the room, she decided to stay on the floor instead and slowly got closer and closer to the door.



The CCTV camera in the room documented the whole incident, showing Caryn’s slow progress in Brody’s room. She slithered little by little across the floor while keeping her face up to the ceiling. This bedroom floor acrobatics soon earned the young mother global praise from mothers all around the globe. The filmed footage showed the amazing position of her body slowly disappearing from the CCTV camera eye and out of Brody’s bedroom.


A disappearing act

The young mother then went downstairs and headed back to her friends at the dinner party, where she was welcomed in an unexpected manner. Tyrone could not hold himself from laughing while the other guests cheered and clapped for her. As it turned out, they watched her through the CCTV the entire time. Without her knowledge or approval, Her husband already uploaded her video to social media, causing it to reach millions of views.


Mother’s gone viral

Until this day, Caryn’s famous video of her bedroom-floor acrobatics has reached over 21 million views – an inconceivable number by any scale. The couple later admitted that the video’s colossal success was mainly due to many parents’ ability to relate to that situation. Many comments and remarks from mothers and fathers all around the world praised and sympathized with the young mother’s efforts to return to her free night of social life.


A world phenomenon

Tyrone and Caryn soon became an internet phenomenon, which followed by a growing interest from many TV and radio channels throughout the country. The young couple was then asked to appear on a radio show in their native city in South Africa to discuss Caryn’s so-called ‘leopard crawl’ video. The couple discussed their experiences from the new found fame, while Tyrone was asked about his thoughts regarding the video’s worldwide success.


Looking for advice

During the show, Tyrone recalled in front of the audience about some of the interesting comments that they received since he uploaded the famous video online. The young father said that almost all of the strangest comments were actually the ones from parents, asking questions about sleep issues in infants or looking for general advice about parenthood. According to him, his answer was: “I don’t know if we’re the right people to ask.”


Natural behavior

The young couple said that they were approached by many child-growth experts following their video. Reportedly, they offered their assistance regarding young Brody’s sleeping problems. Although they are thankful for the offered help, the parents are thinking of declining all these experts down. As it turned out, many parents responded to their famous video, saying that this kind of behavior is absolutely normal among toddlers and that they have nothing to fear.


Spider Mom

over time, the story gained a colossal amount of media attention. Many fans of the Morris family subsequently gave Caryn a unique nickname of her own – Spider Mom, whom she carries with pride since then. While the couple did not expect to receive this worldwide fame, they said that they are having the time of their lives with every minute. Tyrone added that they will “enjoy the ride while it lasts”. That’s the spirit, Tyrone!


Their own blog

The whole experience gave the young couple inspiration to start their own family blog. Tyrone even wrote a post about it on Facebook, saying: ““If you have kids, or thinking about having kids, you could find yourself doing the strangest things”. The couple’s blog is officially entitled after Caryn’s nick name Spider Mom, while she and her husband thought of the slogan themselves – “Cos every mom is a superhero in their own way!”.


Their new life

Through their mutual blog, Caryn and Tyron are able to share pictures, video clips and little stories about their new life as parents. Although countless viewers find her Wonder Woman escape footage as hilarious and quirky, Caryn Morris said that she was serious through the whole incident. During an interview, she recalled, “Once I made my exit, that was it. The night was Mine!”.