A look inside Rachael Ray’s $4.7 million Hamptons estate

Let’s face it, we have all imagined what we would do if we had millions of dollars to our name. For most of us, one of the first things we would do is buy our dream house. Although the chances of us suddenly accumulating millions of dollars is rare, we still have to be prepared in case that day ever comes. So of course, looking up houses on the market that are way out of our price range is only natural… Lucky for you, one of the most impressive celebrity homes of the Hamptons just went on sale!

Cooking and lifestyle host, businesswoman, writer, and multi-millionaire Rachael Ray just recently put her and her husband John Cusimano’s house, located in the upscale Long Island, New York resort town Southampton, on the market! The 3,000-square-foot, three-bedroom, three and a half bathroom ranch, equipped with a six-acre backyard, a sparkling pool, and charming pool house could be yours for a whopping $4.69 million.

Although the price tag may seem a bit steep, once you see the luxurious, elegant, and sun-filled estate for yourself you may just reconsider. So come step inside, as we take you through the summer home fit for a lifestyle queen and superstar chef.

Celebrity chef

Rachael Ray is without a doubt one of America’s most beloved chefs and TV hosts. Ever since we first met her back in 2006, when her cooking and lifestyle show on the Food Network, Rachael Ray first premiered, she has been making us fall in love with her bubbly personality and spot-on tips and recipes. Since then, she has gone on to win three Daytime Emmys, write over 25 cooking books, and come out with her own line of furniture. Rachael has had one successful career to say the least, which has led to her impressive estimated net worth of $80 million and a pretty lavish life. It was recently revealed that the celebrity chef just put her Hamptons estate on the market… let’s take a look…

On the market

Rachael and her husband, singer John Cusimano, have recently made the decision to sell their “small” summer estate situated in the prestigious Southhampton town for a “reduced” price of $4.69 million, with the original price being $4.9 million. The couple decided that life in the Hamptons wasn’t for them, and would rather spend their summer months in their custom home along the scenic Lake Luzerne of upstate New York, close to Lake George. They purchased this three-bedroom, three and a half-bathroom ranch in 2008 for $2.8 million prior to fixing it up with a luxurious array of furnishings and finishings from Rachael’s very own furniture line. Although it may look quaint from the front, this Hamptons home is anything but ordinary.

Six-acre dream home

The single-floor property is like something from most of our dreams. And while it may seem on the smaller side compared to the many remarkable mansions of the Hamptons, an aerial view certainly proves otherwise. The 3,000 square-foot home sits pretty on a whopping six-acres of land, surrounded by a gorgeous forest of lush trees and fresh green grass. Who needs to travel at all when you have that much beautiful nature in your very own backyard.

Bright and open

As one enters the house, it is nearly impossible not to be impressed. The whole layout of the home is wide and open, with stunning hardwood floors and tons of light flooding in through the several floor to ceiling windows that overlook their lovely backyard. The neutral color scheme that consists of mostly different shades of white and tan, and splashes of color here and there, makes for a very peaceful, serene, and uplifting atmosphere.

Looking out

Who wouldn’t want to take a break to lounge in this lovely open-air living room? For those hot summer days where you would rather stay inside away from the beaming sun, but still get to enjoy a fresh breeze, this room’s ginormous glass sliding doors easily open up to connect to a charming backyard. The view isn’t so bad if we do say so ourselves, of a sparkling swimming pool and a freshly-mowed perfectly-landscaped lawn.

Luxurious pad

In this photo, we are given a closer look inside the elegant and tranquil living room located at the center of the house. The tall, freshly-painted ceilings, modern artwork, and stylish yet comfortable furniture only add to make this sun-filled living space even more enjoyable. Who needs a television when you have a living room like this? All we need now is a nice cup of coffee, a good book, and some peace and quiet.

Star kitchen

If the living room didn’t impress you enough, come take a look at this sophisticated kitchen clearly fit for a professional celebrity chef such as Rachael Ray. With all white, wooden cabinets, gray granite countertops, and top of the line stainless steel appliances, this kitchen truly is made for a star chef. The kitchen, like the rest of the home, is filled with natural light, that comes seeping in through the single, good-sized window. The wooden kitchen island, equipped with its own wine rack, adds a nice and convenient touch.

Cozy fire

As if the kitchen wasn’t spectacular enough – it also has its very own mini living room attached to it. The space consists of a a nice, light throw rug, a big comfy round cushioned seat, and the best of all – a fire place. Let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to sit in front of a cozy fireplace while they are waiting for their food to cook. Seems like a dream come true if you ask us.

Fine dining

If you are lucky enough to attend a Rachael Ray dinner party, this is the exquisite room that you would get to dine in. Sure, it is not the largest room in the house, but it is definitely impressive. The stylish sand-colored table and chairs, the (once again) giant windows overlooking the property’s backyard and pool, and, possibly the highlight of the dining area – the oversized sky window placed perfectly above the table. All that’s missing is a homemade meal by the chef herself!

Calm office

How would you like this for an office space? Between her furniture line, cooking books, and TV show, this is the room where Rachael gets her work done. Of course, like the rest of the home, it is well-lit and almost completely surrounded by windows. We definitely wouldn’t mind working in this relaxing workplace every day. And when we get too tired, we could just close the curtains and take a nap on the inviting sofa.

Dream bathroom

If this luxe bathroom isn’t the bathroom of your dreams, then we don’t know what is. Matching with the home’s neutral-colored theme, most of the bathroom is covered in an attractive tan wood. Two large his and her sinks sit above four cabinets providing plenty of storage space for all your bathroom essentials. The best part of this room however? The deep tub, located right next to yet another lovely window overlooking some of the home’s gorgeous property.

With a view

In this photo, we are given an even better glimpse at the bath tub’s beautiful view, because what could ever be better than relaxing in a bubble bath while enjoying a nice, sunny day view? And when you get sick of the bath tub (but really, is that even possible?) you can always hop into the spacious glass-doored shower. If you still aren’t sold on this house, just wait until you see the bedrooms…

Master bedroom

If you are the lucky future owner of this house, then this will most likely be your bedroom. This master suite has plenty of space, even with its king size bed. The best part of the room has got to be the glass sliding doors that open up and connect the bedroom to the outside porch. Can you imagine waking up in the morning, opening the door, and relaxing poolside with a nice cup of coffee in your hand?

In the corner

Even if you aren’t able to purchase this remarkable estate, there is still hope that someone you know will! Let’s just hope that that someone is a good friend, and invites you to stay in this exquisite guest corner room. Similar to the master bedroom, and many other rooms in the house, this bedroom has not one, but two sliding doors that open up and give you a tremendous view of the property’s stunning back yard and forest.

Guest space

This third bedroom is not too shabby as well if you ask us. Not only is it equipped with a king size bed that looks a little bit too comfortable, it also has its very own private bathroom. Although we are only given a small peek inside the attached bathroom, we definitely like what we see. We also have a feeling that there is yet another mega-sized bath tub just waiting inside with our names on it!

Reading nook

Even mega celebrities like Rachael Ray need time every now and then to enjoy some peace and quit, sit back, relax, and dive into a good book. This little reading nook is just the perfect place to unwind after a stressful day of work, meetings, and appointments. We definitely could picture ourselves sitting back on the couch, with our favorite book in our hand, while looking out of the windows with the natural light filling up the room.

Kitchen number two

In case you were wondering, no, this is not the same kitchen that we saw earlier. This is the second kitchen of the house, because why would you expect anything less from one of the country’s top chefs? As beautiful as it is, we are still left wondering if she prefers one over the other… maybe she does all her baking in one and her cooking in the other? Or maybe she just likes a change of scenery every now and then?

A nice dip

It’s true, we saved the very best for last…the pool. We don’t know about you, but we would love to take a cool and relaxing dip in this luxurious, glimmering pool on a nice summer day. To be surrounded by freshly-cut green grass, large scenic trees, and the sound of birds chirping above – what could be better than that? Overlooking the pool is a charming pool house, which we wouldn’t mind living in year round if we could!

Pool house

Now let’s take a look inside the pool house, which we must admit is pretty spacious for a pool house. The brick floors are certainly giving this room a cool touch. This is the perfect space to hang out after drying off from a refreshing swim in the pool. It also doubles as a guest house, with another two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen, for those extra special VIP guests who require a bit more than just a spare room.

Spacious backyard

Let’s take one last look at the estate’s beautiful backyard before we go… are you impressed yet? Do you think it is worth the $4.69 million? Between the giant back yard, serene swimming pool, wide open layout, elegant furniture, and not to mention that exquisite bathroom… we are willing to bet that the future owners of this property will be more than satisfied with their purchase. Hey, if you have a few million, this dream home could be yours!