Let go of your worries by asking yourself this question

Although we tell ourselves that everything will turn out alright in the end, and could hours trying to remain positive, it can be easy to lose ourselves to our thoughts. At last, it seems there could finally be a way to let go of your worries by asking yourself this question.

Feeling overwhelmed

Many of us feel a little stress every now and then. It’s a normal emotion that used to help our bodies decide whether to fight or flight whenever there was danger around. However, it’s now in control of hitting those deadlines, finishing that project, and just about any other aspect of life. Although stress is natural, it can also see some of us lose our minds to our worries. All of a sudden, it can seem as though there is nothing else to think about other than everything that could go wrong or needs to be done.

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Tried and failed methods

Sarah Knight is an author of many self-help books, and now it seems as though she has embarked on a brand new adventure to help us overcome our worries. However, like many of us, she knows there are some tried and tested methods that just don’t seem to get the results we want. Perhaps you have attempted to ignore your worries? Maybe your approach is to tell yourself to stop worrying only to find you get no break from your internal monologue? Thankfully, Sarah might have found the answer.

Asking the question

The question is a short and simple one: can you control it? Yup, that’s it. The idea behind asking ourselves this simple question is to put our worries into perspective. If we can control the situation, then there is nothing to worry about as we will get it all done or be able to change the outcome. However, if we can’t control the situation, then there is no point in worrying, right? After all, we are merely using all of our time and energy focused on something that we can’t change.

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Learn to focus

Sarah’s question is aimed to help focus our minds on what we can control in life as we learn how to live at a slower pace surrounded by everything we can change. If we’re waiting for a train only to find out that it’s delayed, then there’s nothing we can do to make it arrive, right? However, we could get out that book we’ve been reading or use the chance to catch up on emails. It’s all about focusing our minds on making sure we don’t lose sight of how we can be productive. Plus, a clearer mind released of worries should help to see many of us become more productive in the long run.

Whoever knew that one simple question could be the difference between staying focused and losing our minds to worry? All we need to do is stop, breathe, and think about one short phrase that could be the difference between a shift of thoughts or hours of worry. It’s all up to us.