Learning a new language is easier than you think

It’s a common notion that learning a new language is some kind of unattainable goal. Knowing how to speak at least two languages is often seen as challenging – one that only the elite members of the high IQ club can attain.

In fact, bilingual people actually make up 43% of the world’s population, and on top of this, 13% of people are trilingual. This means if you can only speak one language, you are actually the minority – monolingual people make up just 40% of the world’s population.

There’s a whole spectrum of nationalities, races, and backgrounds all over the world that have the ability to speak fluently in more than one language. So if you’re a self-doubter, and are a big believer that you just don’t have the intellect to be bilingual, then we’re afraid you’re talking baloney. Have more faith in yourself…here are four reasons why learning a new language is so much easier than you may think.

Learning a new language is easier than you think

You’ve already mastered one language

Everyone has a mother tongue. It’s the primary language you speak daily, made up of native words you probably can’t even remember learning. The fact of it is, you have already learned one language, and if you’re reading this sufficiently, you’re probably really good at it too! Yes sure learning a second language is different from learning your first, but the brain will still be working in the same way. As you try and make sense of foreign communication, your brain will cooperate and try to make sense of it too.

You can learn until your heart’s content

Learning a new language is not as stressful as you think. Immersing yourself within a culture can be a fantastically enjoyable way to learn. But remember, becoming fluent is a long road. So patience is key! No one is expecting you to be fluently sophisticated overnight – don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Knowing the basics is a good start, and through the art of conversation, fluency will slowly but surely be obtained.

There’s plenty of resources out there

Gone are the days of the only option available being costly programmes and classes. Of course courses they are a brilliant way for you to learn from expertly trained professionals, but now there are bountiful tools and softwares available to accompany your learning. There are exciting innovative smartphone apps, online tools for tailored learning, and even websites where you can connect to others through language exchange. Find the right style of learning for you!

Learning a new language is easier than you think

Your subconscious brain will eventually do all the work

Social communication is something we have biologically evolved to master. As noted by linguist Stephen Krashen, because acquisition is a subconscious process and learning is a conscious process, gaining skills in a second-language will eventually get easier the more you do it. As you learn more and more words, the language sinks in deeper into to your subconscious, therefore becoming less of a diligent task.

Wanting to be fluent in a second language is a prevalent wish when people talk about themselves, and being bilingual is considered a very respectable skill to have. The truth is, you can do it too! So get yourself online or book yourself a class to give it a go!