Late night TV hosts who are worth staying up for

‎There are a lot of TV hosts today, each with their unique way of entertaining their viewers, but which of the late night hosts are truly worth your time? Here is a list of the five best late night hosts worth staying up for.‎

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is a television host and presenter, a comedian, a singer, and an actor ,who writes and produces too. The Jimmy Fallon show has become one of the most interesting late night shows to watch, in part because show actually concentrates more on the games instead of the talk show.

In many ways, Fallon tries to entertain his followers through his own humor as well as goofs and gags. Starting the show with the latest trending news and making everyone laugh, he often moves on to a skit or two before he finally brings out a guest. The showman, razzle dazzle zeal introduced by Fallon himself is pretty unique compared to other host talk show.

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert is a popular American media critic, television presenter, comedian, writer and producer, who has also tried his hand as an actor.

A rare host who actually interviews his guests properly rather than just cracking jokes all through the show, not only does Colbert entertain his viewers he also connects viewers to his guests through his interviews. Colbert always manages to bring something new to each of his monologues, making them unique, fresh, and funny.

Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien is a very smart television presenter, and he tends to use a different type of humor than many of the other hosts. Conan displays a unique relationship with his guests, and he always makes them feel at home so they can relax no matter who they are. Conan’s latest show went on air just ten months after Conan was ousted from his former job as a host at The Tonight Show. He kept the show much as it was before, including the the opening monologue. He interviews a couple celebrities each episode, and of course, always has Andy Richter in attendance.

James Corden‎

The Late Late Show with James Corden is a combination of different quirky gag humor and variety show entertainment. The Late Late Show with James Corden is a renowned show from NBC, and a continuation of the franchise previously hosted by Craig Ferguson. James Corden, who is a television presenter and also a comedian, entertains his viewers with his unique monologue. Another thing that makes this show interesting is the signature bits, whereby audience members are randomly chosen to fly to Europe. Like every other late night show, celebrities and politicians are regularly interviewed.

Trevor Noah‎

Trevor Noah is a South African actor who writes and produces, as well as a comedian and a TV host. Noah actually worked as a standup comedian for years before he switched to hosting the Daily Show. Every night, this show tries to bring more information and comedy to prime time. In each episode of this show, there are spoofs and a comedy skit. Of course, Noah also interviews a guest celebrity each episode, and before it ends, there is a musical performance and stand up comedy.