Keeping your pets warm in the winter

Winter can be a treacherous and uncomfortable time for all of us and is often even worse for our pets. If you think about it, our pets can’t just pull on a jumper, or turn up the central heating when they get cold. So, it’s up to us to come up with ways of keeping them warm and protecting them against the harsh winter weather. Our pets are our best friends, and an important addition to the family, so we need to make sure we keep them as warm and cozy as possible.

It’s wonderful to have a four-legged friend waiting for us when we get home after a long, stressful day at work. We might not realize it, but our pets can be more affected by the seasonal changes than we are, and it’s important to bear this in mind. So, we’ve come up with a few ideas for how to keep your furry companions warm during the grueling winter months.

Keeping your pets warm in the winter

No outdoor kennels

You might have outdoor kennels for most of the year, but, during the winter this is something you need to try to avoid. Leaving your pets, especially your dog, outside for too long can lead to a huge amount of stress and anxiety. But in the winter, there are also physical strains to account for, because it can get bitterly cold. This can leave your pet with aching limbs and a much greater feeling of exhaustion. Avoid keeping them outside and make sure they are indoor pets over the winter.

Pet shoes

Shoes are such a mainstay in our lives that we remember to put them on instinctively before we leave the house. But, can you imagine if you had to have no shoes in the freezing ice and snow? Well, this is what it can sometimes feel like for our pets. Animals need to get out and about now and then to enjoy the fresh air, but their bare feet on the cold ground can be painful for them. So it might be time to consider pet shoes (however funny you think they may look)! These mitten-type garments are crucial for keeping your animal’s extremities warm and toasty. This is especially important for smaller dogs.

More food

We eat more in the winter because it’s important to have heartier grub to warm us up. Well, your pet should be treated in exactly the same way. They will need more energy in the winter than in the summer months, and that’s why it’s important to make sure you feed them more. Yes, we might well have a feeding routine for our animals, and it’s important to stick to this, but, in the winter, you can increase the amount of food you give to them – it’s a great way to boost their energy and keep them healthy.

Love and affection

All pets need love and affection, and they need it on a regular basis as well. But, in the winter we reckon your pets could actually do with more love and attention than they normally get. It’s important to keep them comfy and cozy in the winter because they, like us, are more susceptible to getting down in the dumps. Showering them with lots of love and affection is the best way of ensuring they stay happy and contented in the cold weather.

Love and affection

As you can see, these are just some of the great ways we can go about keeping our pets warmer in the winter. Looking after them and making sure they are happy and healthy is so important during the colder months of the year. This is what you can do to help ensure that they are warm, cozy, happy, and well looked after this winter.