Why should you keep a dream journal?

Since the beginning of mankind, dreams have always occupied us as human beings, who where intrigued by their mysterious nature. We came to realize that dreams are essential signals or communications about your future from your so-called “higher self,” which is believed to be your soul connected to a great cosmic interplay of divine energy. others claim that dreams are just a unique display of our sub consciousness, and reflect problems, everyday and ongoing, that we used to suppress. We dream every night, but sadly, forget most of it as soon as we open our eyes in the morning. So if you forget it, how do you accomplish it?
Relax, you don’t have to be in this dilemma anymore because you have a handy tool at your disposal—a dream journal. Just like any other psychological phenomena, dreams can be recorded for getting a better understanding of their patterns. A dream journal helps you in fulfilling this purpose, and more and more people are using this method in order to understand things about themselves. There are, however, other reasons why you should maintain a dream journal:

Understanding your feelings

You may have a bad dream because you may have heard, seen or experienced something bad in your wakeful state. This is one of the reasons why parents keep horror movies and gory video games away from children because such material, when viewed continuously during the day, may flash in their dreams. Your dreams are a mirror of your feelings and emotions, and recording them in a journal is an excellent way to understand yourself. You need to think about their nature in order to see if they fit in any pattern you might be familiar with.

Why should you keep a dream journal?

Getting clarity of the path ahead

We all have dreams, and we strive all our lives to accomplish them, which be anything, such as becoming a multi-billionaire or a TV celebrity or a social change maker. But do you know how exactly to achieve them? There could be roadblocks and your attempts to solve the problems may fail. Perhaps your dreams may have an answer. No matter how absurd or lucid your dreams may be, they always have something to show you. Hence you should journal them for reference.

Unleashing your creativity

If you have read about famous authors and poets, you should know that it’s their dreams that inspired their great works. Many famous artists, creators, inventors, and writers swear by the fact that dreams gave them new ideas and thoughts. So, shouldn’t it be a good idea to keep a record of all these ideas? What could be better than having a dream journal for this purpose? A dream journal will lay all your ideas before your eyes and play with them more creatively.

Why should you keep a dream journal?

So in the end, I believe that everyone should write a dream journal. Dreaming is one of the most inspiring processes your mind takes you through. Embrace it and start maintaining a dream journal to understand this profound psychological process better.

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