Why is June such a popular month for weddings?

As summer is around the corner, you may have plenty of wedding parties coming up. The sun is out, the birds are singing, and everyone is ready to celebrate. But there could be more to that summer wedding than you ever thought. Particularly June. It looks as though there is something pulling brides to the month, but what could it be?

Step back in time

To find out why weddings in June are so popular, we need to take a step back in time. All the way back to Roman times to be precise. June is named after the Roman goddess, Juno. And what was her role? To protect women throughout the walk of life! This isn’t just physically either. Juno is also said to protect women through pregnancy and marriage. Old habits are hard to break and all that – it looks like a June wedding was popular before we even knew about it!

Celtic calendar

It seems as though the Celts may have also had a helping hand in why June weddings are so popular. Young couples would often be paired off on the Cross-Quarter Day of Beltane on May 1. They would date for a few months before tying the knot on the next Cross-Quarter Day on August 1. As many of the couples were impatient, they shortened the time to the middle of June. Voilà! We have another reason June weddings are winning – youngsters just can’t wait to say “I do”.

Covering the stench

If you think of weddings, you may envision a blushing bride, a beaming groom, plenty of flowers, and a big cake. We’re sure that you might not imagine a great big stench? Unfortunately, back in Victorian times, this was a significant aspect to consider. The folk of the time weren’t quite so hygienic and needed some help to stay fresh and clean. Having a wedding in June meant you could have all the previous traditions while also still have in-season flowers to cover the smell of your guests. Classy.


Believe it or not, June weddings can actually be off-peak. Hear us out. If you’re opting for a destination wedding, perhaps it was the idea of eternal sunshine that pulled you there? Exactly. These places often have sun all year round, meaning many couples travel there in the winter months. Usually, the couple’s home countries will also be sunny in June, so they save themselves the extra travel costs. Plus, you could really up the ante and book certain destinations that are at the peak of hurricane season in June. Try and catch the bouquet now!

Sunshine wedding

Of course, one of the huge pulls to a wedding in June is the chance of having beautiful weather. As the month lands in the middle of summer, you would be unlucky to get a downpour. Although this may be lucky if you listen to the traditions. Either way, you having a wedding in June means you can utilize the outdoor space. It may not be everyone’s idea of the perfect ceremony, but many couples love the idea of a wedding in nature.

Whoever knew there could be so many historical reasons that make June such a popular month for weddings? Here we were thinking it was all about the weather – oh how wrong we have been all these years. If you’re planning a big day, perhaps something is telling you to book in the most popular wedding month of the year?