Is juicing the right kind of diet for you?

If you’ve been keeping up with Kim Kardashian recently, you’ll know that she has gone on an epic juice cleanse to get herself beach-body-ready for the summer. This means very little food, a whole load of fruits, veggies, and nutrients – and a heck load of liquid in your body. So, if you’re the kind of person who has been yo-yo dieting in an attempt to look like Kim K to no avail, you might be wondering if juicing is the right kind of diet for you? We’ll have a look at the pros and cons…

Pro: You get to add fruit and veg into your diet

We get it; fruits and vegetables aren’t the tastiest things on the planet, but we kinda have to eat them – you know, for health reasons. If you are the kind of person, who finds eating five portions of fruit and veg a day a hard task, taking on a juicing diet is the best way to add these into your diet. After all, juices are literally made up entirely of fruits and vegetables! Blitzing them up into a juice and mixing them together can also give you the chance to try out new flavors and combinations.

Is juicing the right kind of diet for you?

Pro: You can absorb nutrients easier

There is a whole load of insoluble fiber in normal and everyday food, which build up in your stomach and stop your body from digesting the way it should do. Yet, if you get rid of this kind of bad fiber from your diet and stick to nutrient-filled fruits and vegetables, these nutrients will be able to go straight into your body without a diversion or a blockage along the way. Amazingly, this can make digestion a helluva lot easier, which is something your body will thank you for.

Con: It won’t necessarily help you lose weight or build muscle

If your sole gain is to lose weight and gain muscle, a juice diet really isn’t for you. Although substituting a full meal for a juice may seem like a good idea, these meals often have the same amount of calories as one glass of juice. However, they definitely won’t keep you as full. Because of this, you may find yourself becoming more and more hungry and more prone to snacking – which you wouldn’t do if you’d had the same amount of calories in a full meal. As if that wasn’t enough to put you off, juice lacks protein, which has been proven to help you build lean muscle.

Is juicing the right kind of diet for you?

Con: You may become more prone to sugar swings

If you’re the kind of person that already suffers from mood and sugar swings, adding a juice cleanse into your diet is just going to make things worse. This is because juices are chock-full of sugar. Sure, it might be naturally occurring sugar, but it still has the same effects! If you are drinking sugar all day, every day, this can severely affect your blood sugar levels. Not only can this affect your mood, but it can also affect your health – especially if you are diabetic. In fact, diabetics are wholeheartedly discouraged from going on a juice diet for this same reason.

So, is juicing the right kind of diet for you? Although many celebrities swear by this diet as a quick fix as they get ready for the Met Gala or their next vacation, most experts suggest that a juicing diet is not conducive to maintaining weight loss. As long as you eat healthier and exercise more, this should start off the weight-loss process.