Things went downhill for this woman after she got eyelash extensions

Many of us fork out hundreds of dollars every month as we try and keep on top of the latest fashion trends. From makeup to beauty procedures, it seems as if there’s no end to the incredible number of treatments on offer. Sure, we can fake a lot of things in this world, but are they all worth it? False tan, false nails, and false hair are some of the many items people opt for, but it all went horribly wrong for this woman after she got eyelash extensions.

Accentuating some features

There are many ways we can accentuate the features we already have. Clothing, makeup, and some beauty products are all ways we can bring our natural beauty to life. So what about eyelash extensions?

Many of us dream about having long, luscious lashes to flutter at people passing by. It seems as though some of us would do just about anything to achieve the eyelashes of our dreams. That is until it all went horribly wrong for this woman after she got eyelash extensions.

The lady behind the lashes

It was Megan Rixson who was about to learn the dangers of eyelash extensions. The 20-year-old lives in Luton, England where Megan is enrolled at college.

Although being a student comes with plenty of bills, Megan likes to splash some of her cash on looking her best. Megan is often spotted in fashionable threads, has blinding makeup, nails that would leave most of us jealous, and loves to get eyelash extensions to complete her look. It was one of those trips that was about to change everything.

Changing looks

Many people all throughout history have been guilty of enhancing and changing their appearance. Geishas have been seen painting their faces white for centuries as they entertain guests, while Ancient Egyptians would use eyeliner as a show of holiness and wealth.

Nowadays, people tend to keep their beauty routines with trips to the salon and applying makeup at home. There are many treatments on offer, with eyelash extensions being some of the most popular. Who wouldn’t want a look that could stop people in the street?

Lengthy lashes

Eyelashes don’t just look good – they also have a practical function, too. Yes, our lashes are there to help keep sweat, dust, or anything else roaming around away from our eyes. The best bit?

They help to frame our peepers and add something special to our faces. However, there are some people that want bigger and longer lashes than ever before. As everyone’s continue to grow, some are left behind trying to catch up. It’s then that many people turn to extensions as the answer.

Faking the results

Sometimes, we want to get that long and flowing lash look without making any permanent changes to our face. What are we supposed to do? Thankfully, there are a host of products on the market set to help.

One of the many choices many opt for are false eyelashes. These come in packs with a tube of glue that we can use at home. All you need to do is apply a small layer of the adhesive to the false lashes and stick them next to your natural lash line.

Extending the lashes

One of the many positives of wearing false eyelashes is the ability to peel them off at the end of the night and bring them back out whenever we head to a party. However, some people want a more permanent solution.

This is where eyelash extensions come out to play. Megan found a salon close to her college and booked an appointment in October 2018. Here, the beautician would stick synthetic lashes individually to Megan’s natural eyelashes.

Another routine appointment

Her love of maintaining her appearance meant that Megan had many eyelash treatments over the years. She had always loved the look of her lashes after every session at the salon. Why should this time be any different?

It turned out that Megan had never used this salon before. However, thousands of people get eyelash extensions every year. Surely there was nothing to worry about? That’s what Megan thought. Oh, how wrong she was about to become…

Getting a feeling

As soon as she arrived, Megan was ushered to a seat where the beautician could get to work on her treatment.

Megan patiently waited for the beautician to get everything they needed, and they soon began to stick the eyelashes and glue to her eyelid. However, Megan was no stranger to this procedure. She immediately noticed something was wrong and had to find a way to tell people. Megan recorded a video and soon posted it to social media.

A strange sensation

It was during the procedure that Megan noticed something strange. Her eyes felt as though they were on fire, and her eyes were streaming with tears. Megan had never reacted in this way, but the beautician had no concerns.

They noted that many people have unusual reactions to the treatment and it was completely normal. Megan was then asked to hold her eye open to allow the beautician to complete the extensions. She believed the salon and did as she was asked.

Fighting the instinct

Megan tried her hardest, but she just couldn’t fight the urge to shut her eyes. They were filled with tears, and Megan felt as though her eyelids were swollen. The beautician kept asking their client to open her eyes.

However, Megan just couldn’t resist the urge to have them shut. This wasn’t normal. She was in a lot of pain, and Megan just wanted to see herself in the mirror to see the damage. It was only then that Megan realized the mistake she had made.

Mirror mirror on the wall

She didn’t need to look hard to see the damage that had been done to her face. Megan saw her entire face was swollen, and her eyes were continuously streaming water.

To top it off, Megan’s eyes had swollen so much that she could barely keep them open. There was no way the eyelash extensions should have had such an effect on the youngster. However, it seemed as though the worst was still yet to come for Megan.

A frightening moment

It wasn’t just Megan that noticed something was wrong – her boyfriend also commented on the appearance of her face. Unfortunately, things were about to get a lot scary for Megan.

The youngster began to make her way home from the salon when she noticed something strange. Her vision was getting more and more blurry until it ultimately went. Megan was blind for two hours. What if a simple eyelash extension treatment had caused her to lose her sight? This was a nightmare.

Looking for help

Being in this much pain topped with losing her vision was too much, and Megan knew she needed to find help before it was too late. She didn’t want to hang around to see what would happen without medical advice.

Slowly, Megan found her way to a walk-in medical center to try and get an answer to her issues. Here, Megan was offered an eyewash followed by some eyedrops to help ease the pain and reduce the swelling. It took days until Megan regained her sight.

Going against the rules

Megan was thrilled to know that she would recover from the treatment. However, she couldn’t help but wonder what had caused such an intense reaction in the first place. Megan began to think over her time at the salon.

After all, she had received the treatment so many times and knew there must have been something off. It was then the youngster realized the salon didn’t abide by any rules set in place for a new client. This was only the beginning.

Performing a test

Many salons offer patch tests to new clients. This is to ensure their skin will be able to handle new products, like glue or hair dye.

These substances often contain various ingredients and chemicals, and salons need to check they won’t upset someone’s skin. To do this, salons will usually apply a small amount in a subtle place to see if any reaction occurs before applying the required amount. Sadly, Megan’s new salon hadn’t asked if she wanted a patch test first.

Breaking all the rules

It turned out that Megan’s beautician had broken even more rules. Usually, beauticians will use a special tape along the bottom eyelid to help protect it from any of the glue used in the treatment.

Once again, Megan never had this part of the procedure. Her entire eye was now exposed to whatever adhesive had been applied around her eyelashes. Although it might have been harmless to have eyelash glue around her eyes, it turned out the salon had used a special kind of adhesive.

Looking for answers

Megan’s boyfriend was extremely upset to see the pin his girlfriend had been caused by the entire process and was determined to get some answers.

The couple headed back to the salon where her boyfriend pressed them on the type of glue they had used in the process. There had to be a reason Megan was suffering. However, neither of them expected to hear the answer. No matter how much they apologized, neither Megan or her boyfriend could forgive them for using nail glue.

Fixing the issue

How could the salon have willingly used nail glue on Megan’s eyelashes when they knew they needed to use eyelash glue? Neither Megan or her boyfriend could believe what they were hearing.

Plus, Megan had been left to deal with the devastating consequences. The Daily Mail reported how the salon went on to later offer compensation to Megan for their mistake by giving her a free treatment. Unfortunately, Megan didn’t want to step foot in the salon; she wanted to share her tale.

Telling the world

There was no way Megan was going to let this slip under the radar; she wanted to tell the entire world what had happened to her at the salon.

As soon as she was home, Megan filmed a video that explained the whole story behind her swollen face. She wanted everyone to be aware of the dangers that came with unknown salons. However, Megan had to explain how she wasn’t getting emotional in the video; she just couldn’t stop the water running from her eyes.

A strong warning

It wasn’t just a video about her tale; Megan also wanted to warn other people who might end up in the same situation as the youngster.

Megan stated how we could be “careful” to choose the right salon when looking for any beauty treatment, and reminded everyone to check their salon follows standard safety procedures throughout any procedure. Megan finished the video stating her recovery would be a long one, but one that was well underway.

A thorough warning

It wasn’t long before Megan’s story had spread all around the world. To top it off, many people turned to the post to comment about their own horror stories from eyelash extensions.

Thankfully, everyone was incredibly supportive of Megan’s story and can’t wait until she is fighting fit once again. It looks as though Megan has had a lucky escape as the youngster is expected to make a full recovery from the procedure gone wrong. Now, Megan can focus on being fabulous with no eyelash extensions in sight.