Inside the tiniest homes in the world

New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles – as glamorous and ritzy as these cities are, they’re not an nice place for your wallet. Big city dwellers are forced out of these cities due to rising costs for housing and food every year. As soon as someone throws in the towel, there’s an endless line of people waiting to replace them. The cost for life rises each year and it’s harder than ever to get your footing if you don’t have the money and prestige. Someone knew there had to be a better alternative – and she decided to do something about.

Enter: Sarah Susanka. In 1997 she published her first book, The Not So Big House: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live. Her argument was that with rising income inequality, rather than spending all of your money on mortgages you’ll never pay off for space you don’t need, you can build a home that’s much smaller and more efficient. She designed homes that were small but fit every living necessity a person needed for just enough money to even stock it with top-notch utilities. She is credited for for starting the tiny house movement trend.

How do we define a tiny home? For starters, a small house is anything less than 1,000 square feet while a tiny home is anything less than 400 square feet. Although these buildings surely seem small, when built correctly, they can fit everything you need: a bed, fully functioning kitchen and bathroom, running water, electricity, and even an entertainment system. What these houses do well in addition is really utilize their space for storage. You can find storage nooks in staircases and under floorboards and coffee tables.

It’s also the perfect solution for people looking to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Many of these homes are powered by solar energy and were constructed with all recyclable material. Many city dwellers have moved out of the bustling and polluted cities for fresh air and healthier living. The tiny home can do all of these for those seekings a more stable living environment. Want to see what we’re talking about? Check out some of the sleekest tiny homes from all over the world. If you’re like us, you’ll be just as surprised to see just how much you can pack into these houses. We’re sure you’re going to want to move into one right away.

The Bayside Bungalow

We begin with this charming tiny home in Olympia, Washington. With a population of more than 50,000 people, Olympia is home to an impressive selection of fine arts, including yearly film festivals, art museums, and music festivals. We move down the street where the Bayside Bungalow lies. From the outside the home is quaint. It’s mobile with a wheels on either end to travel to and from. The house is located right alongside the gorgeous Washington Puget Sound, the stunning inlet to the Pacific Ocean that claims home to tons of species of birds, fish, and mammals with mountainside views. If you think this is just too cute to pass up, you can rent it on Airbnb for $65 a night.

Inside The Bayside Bungalow

What you may not realize is that the Bayside Bungalow comes fully equipped with everything you would need to live a comfortable life free of stress and the burdens of high rent in the big city. There’s a fully functional kitchen with storage space both high and low to store all of your pots and pans. The wooden home sleeps two comfortably in the rafters as well. Visitors love to read a book in the window-side nook and host a cozy dinner at the dining table with wicker love seats. From the outside it’s difficult to imagine this home can fulfill every need but it’s amazing what this tiny house can fit. According to the Airbnb reviews, many dwellers agree.

The Skinny House

Asheville, North Carolina is home to arts and crafts, music and food. It’s a comfortable town with tons of nature and access to mountains and hiking trails. It’s the perfect town for anyone looking to scale back. The Skinny House is located in the heart of Asheville where all of the town’s quirkiness and charm is on full display. From the outside it looks nearly impossible to live a comfortable life with everything you need. Let’s see if that’s so…

Inside the The Skinny House

It may be hard to tell but The Skinny House is a triple decker. That’s right, there are three floors to this adorable little cottage. That means it’s easy to fit what you need on each floor: a queen-sized back on the top, a kitchen with generous countertop space on the second and a welcome space for sitting and relaxing when you enter. There’s even enough room for some yoga and some key Netflix binge watching.

The Musician’s Escape

For any musician out there, this is the house for you. When violinist Asha Mevlana decided to finally quit New York City after years of trudging through the freezing winters, crowded subways, and overpriced bedrooms, she knew that she wanted a drastic contrast in living. She moved home to Fayetteville, Arkansas and built her dream home for a musician on a tight budget. From the outside we can see a giant amp and performance stage. Asha was ready for the spotlight.

Inside the The Musician’s Escape

Asha’s home is as much a musician’s paradise on the inside as it is from the outside. Like many tiny homes, she maximizes her storage space by creating a workspace out of her wooden coffee table in the living room. She has a fully stocked kitchen with a full-sized refrigerator, stove, and cupboard space. The entire home is soundproof and even has its own rehearsal space. “Coming from NYC, I was used to living in a small space, and what I love about this house is that it has everything I actually need,” she told CountryLiving.com.

The Writer’s Block

In the south of Maine, right alongside the peaceful Sheepscott River, lies a writer’s retreat so reclusive and calming it could have come straight from a Hemingway story. The Writer’s Block is a perfect destination for a writer with – you guessed it – writer’s block. It doubles as a water sports hub with full storage space for a canoe, jet skis, and other water activity equipment. It comes with a dock so all you have to do is come with your boat ready.

Inside The Writer’s Block

The designers of this home decided to take a more stripped-back and minimalist approach to this boat house. Compared to the other tiny homes, it’s not as easily habitable but it is a perfect few-night getaway for anybody seeking some solitary. A full-size mattress comfortably stores and can be released from a storage holding. There is space for a portable kitchen with a stove and mini fridge with a shower attached to the back. It’s great for a short stay.

Floating Tiny House

So far we’ve seen the musician’s paradise, the adorable little cabin, the bungalow on wheels, so how about we show you a tiny house on the water. You heard us right – this cozy floating tiny house is home to Maine couple Foy and Louisa Brown in North Haven, Maine. No, this house is not attached to land and lays gently on the water, it is completely surrounded by the lake. The couple loves their home. “I thought I’d have to fight Louisa to go out on it,” Foy says, “but it’s a fight to get her to come off.”

Inside the Floating Tiny House

The couple designed and built the house over a decade to be the perfect couple’s getaway from the world around them. They wanted to be totally off the grid. “The best part is getting away from it all,” Foy says. “There’s no TV, no one to bother you—and no property taxes or permits.” The house comes equipped with a grill, a functioning bathroom with plumbing, a bed in the rafters looking up at exposed wood rafters, and a sky roof to watch the stars.

The Miller House

In 2011 Macy Miller began building her first tiny home. Fed up with the mortgages and high property taxes, she decided enough was enough and it was time to start downsizing. As her home was under construction she met her partner James and they moved in together. Now the couple live together in an adorable wood and medal tiny home and with two kids to boot. We have your look at how this family of four (and one dog) are able to live a comfortable life in their Denver, Colorado home.

Inside the Miller House

The 196 square-foot home boasts a mere $13,000 price tag and has everything this family needs: a bed for everyone, tons of storage space, brand new appliances, a full kitchen, and bathroom with shower. The design and construction was so successful that Miller created her own resource for prospective tiny home owners. She created a now-40,000 people Facebook group and offers tiny home consultations and designs on her website minimotives.com. She hopes to inspire others to scale back and create beautiful small homes for their families.

The Pequod House

This tiny house resides in the Rocky Mountains to a couple and two children. The house was named after the ship in Moby Dick and is only 208 square feet and 26 feet long. After getting laid off from his architecture job in 2010, Greg Parham took some time off renovating foreclosed homes and in the process discovered the tiny house movement. In 2013 he got to work on The Pequod House and moved in soon afterwards.

Inside The Pequod House

Parham wanted to keep the aesthetic of the home to feel woodsy and natural looking with exposed wood and autumn colors. He did, however, upgrade the home with all the most modern appliances from the stove to the fridge and shower. His two kids sleep upstairs while he and his wife sleep together in the back in a closed off bedroom. The house even has a washer/dryer combo and a fully wrap around deck for hosting parties or just relaxing with a good book.

Bestie Row

What do you get when four best friends since forever, and their spouses, want to live together but have their own spaces? You have the perfect solution: Bestie Row. Four couples in Texas built four identical wood and metal-exterior homes side-by-side and in turn created their own little neighborhood. They each purchased ten acres and hired an eco-conscious architect to design their real estate. They also have a fifth building just for hanging out and cooking. We mean, really – what could be better than that?

Inside Bestie Row

Each house is identical with exposed wood, a full size bed, working kitchen, bathroom, and hall with available storage for books and clothes. Fortunately for you, they rent out the properties when the couples are away (for $1,200 per night). Because water isn’t easy to come by in their dry Texan area, they designed a rainwater catcher to filter and use for their water supply. The rest goes to nurturing the land and all of its beauty. The couples really did think of everything.

Alpha Tiny Home

If ever there were a reason to leave your smelly city and downsize once and for all, the Alpha Tiny Home is it. The 200-square-foot house was recently even featured on HGTV’s “Tiny House, Big Living.” The home is mobile so owners can take it with them cross country and live out of it comfortably on the road. Tucked away is a pull out dining table that easily hosts eight people outside underneath the stars.

Inside the Alpha Tiny Home

The inside boasts lush green plants and shrubbery. To the left is a gorgeous kitchen equipped with a stove and tons of storage space both from above and below. To the right is a washer/dryer combo with exposed storage in the form of racks and shelves. The bedroom is directly above and although the ceiling is just a few feet above the pillow, it’s a cozy nook that is perfect for both singles and couples.

The Shepherds Hut

In the small town of Crewkerne, England lies this charming little hut. The 7,000 population neighborhood is home to an active arts and crafts community with many artists and fashion designers claiming the town as home. It’s there where you can rent this adorable tiny home for just $243 per night. Outside you can enjoy a peaceful read next to a small lake and you can even host a barbecue with some of your closest friends. It’s the perfect stay for a couple or on your own.

Inside The Shepherds Hut

The cozy hut boasts a double bed, entertainment system, fully functioning bathroom, and kitchen. The owners say that they’re mission for the home was to create a totally green house that only uses renewable energy. The entire house is powered by solar energy and was made entirely with recycled products. That’s right – everything from the floors to the ceilings and the countertops were created with recyclable materials. Not only can you enjoy a luxury lakeside vacation in a charming hut – you can feel good about it too.