Take a peak into Dolly Parton’s homes

There isn’t a country singer in the world more famous than Dolly Parton. With dozens of successful albums, singles, and films filling her resume, she managed to turn her lifelong passion into a 50+ year long career. All of that time ‘working nine to five’ has helped her net worth reach a staggering $500 million, meaning Parton can splash the cash when it comes to her home. However, you might be surprised at how quaint the star chooses to live compared to some of the other big names in the biz.

Good golly Miss Dolly

If you don’t know who Dolly Parton is, there’s a possibility that you’ve been living under a rock for the last few decades, but that’s okay; let us introduce you to this iconic woman. Since the late ‘60s, the country star has been impressing people all over the world with her catchy tracks and lovable personality.

With songs like “Jolene,” “9 to 5,” and “I Will Always Love You,” Parton has shown that she knows what she’s doing when it comes to music. That’s why she’s rolling in the big bucks and living on a large estate, although her choice of decor doesn’t scream rich and famous.

Behind the gates

Parton has lived in several houses throughout her career. It was only in the last few years that the country singer up and moved into a new home, this time to a luxurious estate in Brentwood – which happens to be the same area in which Marilyn Monroe lived.

Although she hasn’t given us a look inside the property, the view from the outside already tells us what we need to know. The estate is defended by a large iron gate, and behind it, a driveway leads up to a large building proudly displaying an American flag.

View from above

An aerial view of the house provides us with a little more insight into how Parton likes to live. Her backyard features a tennis court, several gazebos, and acres of open space to roam around in, giving her plenty of opportunities to relax in the sunshine.

Also present on Dolly’s estate, but not included in the picture, is a quaint chapel we expect the singer gets plenty of use out of. This property is certainly a huge step up from the houses she’s lived in before. Speaking of which…

A glimpse inside

Although we can’t see inside Parton’s current abode, we can look around the places she used to call home. After her $1.4 million West Hollywood property went on the market in 2014, we got a glimpse of how the other half lives, and we were quite surprised.

Seeing the ways that singer decorated this house tells us a lot about what to expect from her new estate. However, whether she kept any of the furniture here or left it with the house is yet to be seen.

On the bright side

From the minute you step inside this fenced property, it’s clear to see that nature plays an integral part in the decor. The front of the house is almost overrun with greenery, from trees and hedges to a wealth of potted plants.

It adds a nice touch to the already bright exterior which is lightened further by the house’s paint job. The splash of pink and red on the white backdrop make this colorful paradise very hard to resist. So, shall we see what it looks like inside?

A classic touch

That color scheme appears to continue in the interior of the house, with the use of pink very present in the dining area. The frilled cushions adorning the chairs are particularly eye-catching, reminding us of something we’d have seen in the 20th century.

It’s not the most modern touch, but then at 72, Parton might not care to be with the times. The retro style is very befitting of a star that first found fame in the 1960s, though we’d have expected this part of the house to be a bit bigger.

Musical maestro

If you needed proof that this was somewhere Dolly Parton called her home, the instruments in this picture should make it crystal clear. We know that the country star is hugely passionate about music, but she isn’t just a singer.

Parton knows her away around several instruments too, including the piano and guitar. We expect that things were never quiet for long in this house, especially when she was composing new material. Dolly’s guests were probably treated to dinner and a show on a regular occasion.

Living in the country

Off from the dining room and kitchen is this quaint sitting area complete with many more retro touches. Guests sitting on the sofa might not have been able to look out the window, but they had the next best thing.

Holes cut into the opposite wall were painted with beautiful rural views, reminding everyone of Parton’s love for the countryside. The rocking chair, ceiling fan, and rug certainly add to the feeling that this house belonged to a country singer, even if it’s based in West Hollywood.

Prioritizing comfort

Unsurprisingly, that’s not the only living area in the house. Although the property might not be as large as we’d expect for such a big star, it’s still filled with plenty of rooms.

This section of the house is certainly more modern than the other parts, albeit not by much. The choice of decor definitely inspires a cozy feeling inside us, and we could imagine sinking down into that couch with great ease. It helps that the room gets so much light thanks to all of those windows.

The master suite

Leaving those rooms behind, we find ourselves in the house’s master bedroom. By now, all the polished wood and rustic designs shouldn’t be a surprise, even if they seem to be very concentrated in this one space.

Clearly a fan of the rocking chair, Parton had two of them in her main sleeping space which sat opposite one another. When she wasn’t doing her makeup in the mirrors or watching TV in bed, she probably enjoyed sitting outside on her balcony and watching the sunset.

Room with a view

Speaking of the balcony, this is the impressive view that the master suite offers. Although it might be restricted to the backyard of the property, there’s so much natural beauty here that you don’t need anything more.

During spring and summer, this place must be a sight to behold with all those trees and plants coming to life. Of course, things probably take a turn for the worst in fall and winter, but even those seasons bring their own charm. We can’t imagine this backyard ever not looking stunning.

A cozy alternate

Things are a little more cramped over in the guest bedroom. There doesn’t appear to be much room to maneuver around the bed, which again looks like something from a few decades ago.

However, we can’t deny that the piece of furniture oozes comfort. The plush bedding appears thick enough to bounce on, though we wouldn’t want to try that with the ceiling fan right above. Instead of banging our heads, we’d rather explore what’s hidden away in those closets off to the side.

Taking a soak

Of course, even the bathroom in this home is as stylish as ever? We’re not sure if there’s more than one on this property, but we expect any others would probably look similar to this.

The purple tiles definitely add some color to this windowless room, they blend splendidly with the darker tones of the wood in the cabinets. Obviously, the bath takes priority in this room, so we’re assuming Parton enjoyed a relaxing soak in the tub every now and again. It’s the best way to relax after a long day.

Eating outside

While Dolly had a dining area inside her house, the Californian weather was often nice enough to eat outside. That’s probably why she had a table and chairs set out on her back porch right next to the kitchen.

At least serving food wasn’t a hassle when you only had to walk a few steps from the kitchen to the table. Parton’s love for wooden furniture continued outside, and she invested in some colorful cushions, so people had something comfortable to sit on. There’s nothing worse than getting a numb backside because your seat’s too hard.

Sitting in the sunshine

A smaller seating area was set out further in the backyard where Parton and guests could enjoy the sunshine while sipping on their drink of choice.

Although the trees might have blocked out the sun for part of the day, having the light filter through the green leaves must have been quite a thing to see. The back of the house doesn’t offer anywhere near as much space as Dolly’s new estate, but there was still plenty of room to move around and give your green thumb some attention.

A place for visitors

In true celebrity style, Parton’s West Hollywood came with a guest house attached. Anyone who stayed with the country singer but wanted their own space could take up residence in this building. Before they even stepped inside, they could already tell they were in for a treat.

It’s hard not to feel optimistic when there’s this much lush greenery surrounding the property. Dolly even had a cute little welcome sign attached to the birdhouse in the tree, making any of her visitors feel like they were right at home.

All in one place

Unlike the rest of the property, natural light wasn’t quite as prominent in the guest house. However, the building did have the benefit of bringing everything you needed into one convenient space.

The refrigerator was only a few steps from the bed, and even closer was a comfortable reclining armchair that you could lounge in. The bathroom wasn’t far off either, sitting just behind some shuttered panels to the left of the kitchen. No-one can say that Parton didn’t prioritize convenience when it came to accommodating her guests.

Blast from the past

The West Hollywood mansion isn’t the only one that Parton lived in before moving to her Brentwood estate. Between 1980-96, the country singer called this property in Nashville her home.

She invested sixteen years of her life into this building, and though it’s since had new owners, it’s hard not to notice the effect she had on the place. There are touches of Dolly throughout the house, from the living room up to the bedrooms. However, this property does seem to be missing Parton’s love for the bright and colorful.

Thank you for the music

Tell us that this living room doesn’t look like the kind of place that Dolly would record her songs. Although the new owners have brought a modern touch to the house, we imagine that Parton would have used this open space for a similar purpose.

It’s perfect for training her vocals and entertaining an audience, especially with so much room to move around. Even if the people who bought this house from Dolly aren’t musicians, they’ve obviously treasured the legacy that the great woman left behind.

Retro cooking

Although the living room had a modern style, the kitchen looks just as we’d expect from a former Parton property. The cream cupboards, checkerboard tiles, and ceiling fans all create that retro aesthetic that we know Dolly loves so much.

Of course, this kitchen boasts a much greater size than the one she later moved to, but sometimes you have to compromise. If the singer fell in love with the West Hollywood home, she was probably willing to sacrifice things like a bigger kitchen for a place she adored.

Living it large

Talking of spacious, the main bedroom here certainly doesn’t skimp when it comes to breathing room. That guest room at Parton’s Californian home is a world away from this master suite which oozes sophistication.

The plush armchairs are a step up from Dolly’s rocking chairs, although we think we’d prefer the latter. They add a rustic appeal to the property that reminds you you’re looking at a house belonging to the world’s greatest country singer. Comfort doesn’t always have to be the defining factor when it comes to furniture.

Updating the bathroom

Perhaps the room in this Nashville house that’s seen the most significant change since Dolly lived here is the master bathroom. The shower and bath in Parton’s other property weren’t particularly big, and they were also all-in-one, something that’s definitely not the case here.

You can soak in the tub while your other half has a shower if you want to. The one thing that this suave bathroom is missing, though, is the personal touch that accompanies the guest bathroom. The stained glass window there has an engraving especially made for Dolly.

Treasuring a memento

It’s not only in the guest bathroom that Dolly’s presence is felt in her old house. The new owners discovered one of Parton’s old posters under the stairs, and they decided it was only right to frame it above their breakfast table.

The country singer left an impression on this property, and anyone who lives or stays there should appreciate the love she put into the home. It might have been decades since she called it hers, but this place will always be a part of her history.

Her own style

Considering the money Parton has at her expense, we’re surprised she’s never blown millions on buying a property before. Yes, her houses cost more than we’ll probably ever see in our lives, but she hasn’t gone the same route as most celebrities by going as big as possible.

However, having seen how she likes to decorate her home, it’s clear that the singer will always value rustic and retro over everything else. She doesn’t need to surround herself with lots of fancy things because she’ll always be the country girl we know and love at heart.