Inner changes create outer changes

Have you ever thought, “I’d like to be more…” – More confident, more successful, more organized, more of a social butterfly, more just something? If so, you’re in good company. Many of us consider what life would be like if we could come across as more (insert desire here). However, how do you create those outer changes? It all starts from inside… Let us explain.

The same thinking patterns

Many of us grow up with a particular set of thinking patterns, refusing to change the way we think. Perhaps we’re lazy, perhaps we’re anxious, maybe we’re just totally unmotivated. These types of thinking patterns have dominated our minds for however long so it can be difficult to consider changing them.


However, when we become stuck in our ways, it also becomes virtually impossible for any change to happen. If you are afraid to make a change or try new things, you will always be stuck in the same spot. Many of our thoughts, as humans, are entirely habitual. This is just the way we have learned to think and how our subconscious mind has been programmed. These thinking patterns then determine our behavior and the way we act; therefore preventing us from acting any different.

Stuck in a rut

When we refuse to change the way we think, we end up trapped in a rut. For example, you may watch a successful person from a distance and crave a life like theirs. However, you may also be too anxious to make any changes in your life, meaning you’ll never achieve the same level of success as the person you admire so much.


If you are unable to change the same-old pattern of thinking that you’ve always had, then you’ll never move forward in life. You will live the same life day-in-day-out, without any real changes or significant improvements. Your mindset and thinking pattern, therefore, is ultimately limiting you and what you could achieve if you thought differently.

Making inner changes

So, how do you change a thinking pattern that has been so ingrained in yourself for all that time? How do you make the inner changes to eventually bring forward the outer changes? Here are some of our top tips and how these can make such a monumental difference in your life:


  • Understand that the quality of your outer life largely depends on the quality of your inner (mental and emotional) life.
  • Envision the kind of life you want to live instead of seeing the same reality day-in, day-out.
  • Visualizing the kind of life you want to live will enable those thoughts to enter your subconscious, inspiring you to take steps in the right direction.
  • The inner changes in you will then gradually seep into your outer life, impacting your behavior and the way you act.
  • You will eventually get over your fear of change and be able to take actions that will improve your outer life.


It may seem like such simple changes to make, but they can make such a big difference. By picturing how you really want your life to be (and how you want to be), you can change your subconscious. Soon your habitual thoughts will be similar to the ones that successful, motivated, more confident people have. Give it a try and see how those inner changes can create positive outer changes.