Indoor activities to keep you busy when the weather is gloomy

When it’s rainy or stormy outside, we can often feel a little miserable. If we can’t go out and enjoy the sun, then we end up sitting on the couch wondering what we can do instead – not realizing we’ve already wasted the day and there’s no time left to do anything anyway. If you want some ideas of what to do on a rainy day, then we’ve got you covered. Beat those bad weather blues!

Get arty

One of the most fun ways to spend a gloomy day is getting creative. Make someone a handmade birthday card, or create your own personalized photo frame; the possibilities are endless. If you’ve got an artsy side, then what better way is there to spend a day indoors? You could have a go at knitting yourself a scarf, or even paint something if that’s more your speed.

Indoor activities to keep you busy when the weather is gloomy

Be productive

Now, we might not be thrilling you with this one, but the reality is, a bad weather day is perfect to get those all-important chores done. Rearrange your kitchen cupboards like you wanted to three months ago, or if you like the arty idea more, redecorate the spare room you’ve been putting off since you moved in.

Fresh out the oven

Another way to enjoy your day stuck inside is to cook or bake. Everyone loves cakes and cookies, so why not make your own? Plus, not only is baking fun but then you also get to enjoy eating your delicious homemade treats after! That’s sure to beat that pesky rainy day misery.

Treat yourself

If you don’t want to make your own snacks, then you could always enjoy some store-bought treats. Bad weather can be perfect for snuggling up in a blanket on the couch, with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, and tucking into some sweet – or savory, if that’s what you prefer – treats.

Make a day of it

Following on from that idea, you could take it one step further. Why not have an entire movie marathon? Depending on your dedication, you could go for a long Lord of the Rings marathon – 11.3 hours to be exact if you’re watching the extended versions – or all 25.3 hours of the Star Trek films – although you’re going to need more than one day for those. You could equally go for a less extreme marathon like that of the Rocky movies, totaling at 7 hours.

Grab some friends

Indoor activities to keep you busy when the weather is gloomy

You could make the day a little less lonely by inviting some friends over. You could play board games together, have a pampering day, or maybe they could join you in watching your chosen movie marathon. Make it even better by ordering in some junk food, too.

No matter what your idea of fun is, there’s something for everyone to do when the outside is a no-go. Just because it’s gloomy outside, doesn’t mean you need to be gloomy inside, too. Read a book, teach yourself something you’ve always wanted to learn or give one of these rainy day ideas a go.