Important milestones in life that’ll bond you & your sister like glue

The relationship between sisters is one of the most strong and magical of them all. A sister is a ready-made best friend a lot of the time, and your worst enemy occasionally too! They know how to make you smile and how to make you cry, and even if you are miles apart, you’ll always have each others’ back. Here are some of the most important milestones in your sisterhood that will make your bond even stronger.

Your first concert together

It’s likely that this was a band or artist that you will likely cringe about years later, but secretly still have a soft spot for. There is a certain brand of insane happiness and freedom that you are only able to feel at a concert. The first concert you went to together is likely a very fond memory of singing, sweating and dancing until your feet were sore.

Important milestones in life that’ll bond you & your sister like glue

Getting to drink together for the first time

That magical moment when you are both legally able to drink together. One of you will likely end up holding back the others’ hair at some point while the other vomits, but hey, what are sisters for?!

Your first piece relationship advice

Sometimes, when your heart is broken, or you are trying to work out the best step to take in a relationship, there is no one else whose advice you trust more than your sister. The first time you give each other relationship advice is a pretty big milestone, and you won’t go back from it – she will be your go-to for years to come.

Sharing responsibilities for something

Whether it was your first pet together that you were tasked with feeding and walking, or joining up to get your parents’ a fantastic anniversary gift, being forced to work together is great for your sisterly bond. Sure, there will likely be some arguments, but at the end of it you will come out stronger.

The first time you’re apart

Eventually, one or both of you is going to move away and honestly, it’s going to suck. You’ll miss everything about her, even the annoying things like how she borrowed your clothes without asking and left her hair clogging up the drain. Distance does make the heart grow fonder however and being able to text, or Facetime (not to mention super fun adventures visiting each other) will make it much easier.

Important milestones in life that’ll bond you & your sister like glue

Going through a tough time together

When things in life go wrong, there is no one you will want to support you then your sister. The first time there is a death in the family for example, you and your sister will probably turn to each other for comfort and strength. It’s sad but having someone so close to you gets how you are feeling is a real blessing that you will appreciate at the time.

Your sister knows how to push your buttons, but she also knows how to make you laugh like no one else. You might not have even considered these milestones, but now you will hopefully be thinking about all the happy memories and adventures you have shared up until this point. Text your sister right now and remind her of some!