How to be a better leader

A great team is led by a great leader. Your team’s performance may very well depend on your abilities as a leader. Being a leader does not just mean taking a managerial or authoritative position over your team. A leader is more than that, a leader leads the way for the team. Leading a team can be challenging, owing to the fact that where there’s more than one person, there are different personalities to deal with. To ensure that you’re able to be a better leader for your people, include the following qualities in your leadership style:

Be a Great Listener

Most leaders fail when it comes to listening. Some may think that to be a leader means they have the only say. This could be the worst way to lead a team. If you don’t give your team members a chance to be heard, they will likely hold back, and this will affect the team’s performance negatively. A good leader listens to the opinions of their team, before giving their say. This makes the members feel like a true part of the team, and they’ll be more productive.

How to be a better leader

Be a Role Model

As a leader, you should walk the talk. You have to show your team that you’re working hard towards the goals that you have set. Whichever qualities you expect your team to exhibit, you should be the first to emulate them. Otherwise, it will be hard for your members to follow a path that their leader isn’t at the head of.

Have a Positive Attitude

Be enthusiastic about every task that the team is undertaking. The people that you’re leading will exhibit as much enthusiasm and feel motivated to work towards the set goals. Even when things are looking bleak, it’s your responsibility to keep your head high and proceed with a positive attitude. If you look like you’re giving up, it will be hard for your team to push through challenging times.

Encourage Participation

When it comes to tasks that require team effort, encourage each member to participate. Let them know that their input counts. Ensure that everyone has a chance to participate.


Part of being a leader means that when it comes to decision making, the entire team should put in their opinions. By listening to everyone’s thoughts, you can make decisions that favor the entire team. Making major decisions without consulting with your team may result in dissatisfaction and disgruntlement. While the final decision will be up to you, ensure to involve your members in the decision making process.

How to be a better leader

Recognize Productive Workers

As a leader, it’s your duty to monitor the performance of every member in your team. Avoid being the kind of leader who only sees fault. When a member of the team, or the entire team does a great job, make sure to let them know. Offering acceptable workplace rewards also goes a long way in motivating your team to keep up the good work. If there’s a fault in your team, point it out in a respectable manner without being condescending.