Home Organization and Cleaning Gadgets You Need Right Now

Want to make your cleaning and organizing day run smoothly? We’ve rounded up eight superior items that should top your To Buy list.

Nobody likes to clean and sort, but there comes a time when the mess in your house takes over and you need to take back control. These tools and gadgets are highly recommended by reviewers who really know their stuff, and will go a long way to getting that grimy job done, leaving you more time to sit back, relax and enjoy a clean and well-organized space.

 1. SMIRLY Hanging Closet Organizer and Storage Shelves

Why we love it: It’s a cinch to put together, and exceptionally durable, with a 30-pound capacity. It hangs right on your closet rung, neatly storing those small, loose items that can create a closet mess.

Reassuring review: “This organizer is a one-stop-shop accessory wizard. With its easy to assemble construction, you just hang it, and it’s ready for use. Now, I open my closet doors, and everything is neatly stored or on display for a quick selection. The sturdy, won’t-tear fabric, in its deep open cubicles and front-facing drawers, securely holds all my loose items in place, such as hats, scarves, shoes, purses, socks, etc. The side envelope-type pockets are great for those delicate or smaller items, too. Each shelf is reinforced, so holding those heavier items is not a worry. And the rung attachment is rivet reinforced, and the material, even fully packed, is designed to not fray. No longer do small, loose items fall to the floor, never to be seen or used again, or worse, tripped on. Not having to repurchase those lost pieces puts a smile on my wallet, too. Now, everything is safely stored in one place, allowing me to see at a glance the items I’m seeking. Dressing time has become a joy, no longer a confusing and frustrating hassle. It’s a great fit for virtually any closet size and is a fantastic space saver when space is already at a premium. Wish I had it in my dorms when I was going to college.”

Get it from Amazon for [$35]

2. RUVANTI Dinner Cloth Napkins 12 Pack

Why we love it: Made of refined, long-lasting cotton, available in an array of color choices, and expertly stitched. A superior addition to any table setting.

Reassuring review: “A return to fine dining is an ease with these highly durable, soft-to-the-touch and supremely crafted cloth napkins. I have a big house here in Minnesota and I love to have people over, and I no longer feel guilty about using the disposable types. The fabric brings a touch of refinement to even everyday meals, most especially when entertaining. The colors are vibrant, and with the selection of seventeen colors, one will surely be an ideal match to any dinnerware pattern you have. Their poly cotton weave ensures no shrinking, fading or extreme creasing, and the enriched cotton offers the absorbency you need, plus they will hold their shape in any presentation design you create. The extra-large size accommodates any dinner guest, and being washer and dryer safe makes their reuse a cinch. The fine stitching puts them a cut above other cloth napkins your guests will notice and appreciate. This 12-pack means you’ll always have fresh ones on hand, yet their pliable weave allows for easy storage in tight spaces. If you ask me what they’re ideal for, I’d say family get-togethers at Christmas and Thanksgiving, cocktail parties. Your dinner or party table presentation with these refined napkins will make any occasion an easy one for you and a memorable one for your guests.”

Get it from Amazon for [$25.99]

3. Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloths Refills

Why we love it: These flooring safe wet mop cloths easily attach and effortlessly pick up dust and debris, leaving a fresh scent. Scrubber strip attached. The bulk refill pack means never having to run out. Simply mop it, trash it, and you’re done.

Reassuring review: “Yes, finally, a bulk supply of the Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping cloths, guaranteeing I’ll never run out again! You’re gonna laugh but I’ve been waiting for this one for 8 months. And what is more, Swiffer’s new delicate scent adds a perfect finishing touch, freshening the entire room after the mopping is done. The package is new, but the wet mop design is still a cleaning wonder, catching all the fly-away debris that dry mop refills leave behind. They come in a 2-pack of 24 or a 1-pack of 64, depending on your cleaning needs. From home to my office next door to my cottage, these cloths provide me with the quickest clean-up with the least effort — just slap on, mop, tear off and trash, however large or small the grimy space. I particularly love them because they’re safe for wood, linoleum, vinyl and ceramic floors, and their textured surface and scrubbing strip ensures even the toughest stains are wiped clean. The refills come in a resealable container, inside a sturdy box, so they’re ideal for longer term storage. After entertaining, or a gathering at the cottage, I will mop dirty footprints away with ease, in mere minutes. I’m sure I come across as way too excited about it so call me crazy, but no home or dwelling can survive without a bulk supply of the met mop refills.”

Get it from Amazon for [$25.59]

4. Casa Platino 100% Waterproof Bamboo Mattress Protector

Why we love it: Constructed from smooth, cozy, and long-lasting bamboo, with deep pockets for a stay-in-place, snug fit. 100% waterproof and washable.

Reassuring review: “Paying thousands for a mattress and not protecting it properly is like money down the drain, not so with this waterproof, easily washed, deep pocket protector, made from super breathable, ultra-soft and ultra-cooling bamboo. The waterproof membrane lining ensures that stain disasters from everyday spills are a thing of the past, encouraging more of those breakfast-in-bed special moments (if you’re like me). You can live your lounging life, worry free. This protector is easily washed in a low temperature/gentle setting, and when machine or line dried. It’s also free from ironing and replaced on your mattress as a terry towel fluffy. This protector is vinyl-free for those who may be allergic, and the durable elastic skirt weave guarantees a highly stretchable, everlasting snug fit, no matter your mattress size… allowing for an effortless bed-making experience. No more pull and tug battles with lesser quality protectors. It allows for a highly breathable, perspiration absorbent and peaceful night’s sleep, free of the swishing sound other rubber protectors make. Trust me, once you buy one and experience the quality, you’ll want to outfit the rest of your beds with this all-in-one protector.”

Get it from Amazon for [$34.49]

5. HOMYAM XXX Large Rope Basket for Storage & Organizing

Why we love it: Superior workmanship woven into a chic design, made of 100% cotton with sturdy handles. A stylish and catch-all compliment to any room.

Reassuring review: “Your decluttering woes end right here with this ultra large, rope basket, perfect for blankets, toys, or used as a baby or laundry hamper. I live with a husband and 3 kids (which is like having 4 kids), so with such a busy household a catch-all is needed in every room. This well-crafted basket fits the bill, from bedrooms to rec rooms and every room in between, anywhere where you need quick storage or organizational help, but with a neutral hue and elegant country house decor flare. This oversized basket really has double-reinforced handles and durable sidewalls, and they’re made of safe, 100% naturally organic cotton, and can be safely moved about with heavy contents. I think they’re especially handy in children’s bedrooms and rec rooms where items like stuffed animals, toys or games accessories or sports equipment constantly populate the floor. Now, listen. Company is coming? No problem! Just pick it, toss it, and your house is tidy once more. Entertain away! These beautiful catch-all’s safely and securely hold all your family’s everyday possessions, no more tripping over items and risking damage. And their soft and supple weave won’t scratch flooring, something lesser quality baskets can surely do. Their lightweight design makes them easily maneuverable should your room design change. No back-breaking lift, no handle-ripping nightmare. This is one beautifully-crafted basket. I highly recommend!”

Get it from Amazon for [$29.95]

6. Bizzy One Powder Duster

Why we love it: All-In-One home and garden pest control powder duster, with a large capacity, see-thru bulb, and durable brass wand. It gets into corners and cracks with ease.

Reassuring review: “Outside or inside my home, ants and tiny insects have always been a scourge. And fiddling with fume-ridden, messy sprays and liquids that never reach into those tiny cracks and crevices was truly a nightmare. Finally I found this easy to assemble, easy to fill, and easy to use, super-strong powder wand that effortlessly gets the poison to its target where other exterminating devices simply won’t. The Bizzy One’s 8-ounce capacity (double the competitor size), constructed out of high-grade silicone, makes filling a mess-free task and its see-thru bulb enables you to see when a refill is needed — the bulb holding a generous one cup of powder with each fill. This powder duster comes with a durable, rust-resistant 9-inch brass wand that won’t bend or break and can target the hardest to reach spots. The duster is compact, taking virtually no storage room, and the wand comes with an attached cap and the bulb bottom is flat, providing safe and secure storage, eliminating errant spills. The quality construction enables years of use, no repairs or replacements needed. Its multipurpose use — home and garden, office, or warehouse, for poison or fertilizer use — eliminates the need to buy any other duster for any other purpose.”

Get it from Amazon for [$22.99]

7. TEYGA Bamboo Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty Sign

Why we love it: These stylish dishwasher magnets are made of well-crafted bamboo and will flip without falling. They come with a 1-year guarantee (and are a perfect addition to your kitchen or a gift for someone else).

Reassuring review: “In the past, dishwasher magnets were slipping, falling, surface scratching, gaudy eyesore. Well, no more. This sleek and minimalist natural bamboo magnet is a stylish, non-slip, no-fall dishwasher helper for my entire family, encouraging all the people in my household to fill or empty when the time is right. I’m in love with this thing! Constructed with a super-strong rare earth magnet, the TEYGA dishwasher sign sticks where I put it, keeping my family in the clean vs. dirty status. And, yes — it really fits in with my decor. TEYGA magnets can be used in the laundry room, too, and they come in a range of colors to compliment any decor style, from contemporary to colonial, country to city chic, and match any appliance finish. Each one is backed with a reassuring 1-year damage replacement warranty and their 100-day ‘Happiness Guarantee’ — return it for any reason for a full refund — making these signs a perfect gift for family or friends. Constructed out of eco-friendly, fast-growing, and hard-wearing bamboo is a responsible earth lover’s choice with reduced carbon footprint. This dishwasher magnet is a can’t-live-without-it household gem. Trust me on this one!”

Get it from Amazon for [$22.99]

8. Broom Holder Wall Mount and Garden Tool Organizer

Why we love it: No more falling brooms, mops or garden tools! With eleven adjustable slots and hooks that auto-retract, this wall mount organizer is a cleaner’s and gardener’s dream.

Reassuring review: “Whether in the home or at the office, for the storage room, utility room or garden shed or garage, this Berry Ave wall mount tool is an organizer’s dream come true. This non-slip grip wall mount will hold all my implements, of practically any thickness, and the auto-retractable strong spring feature ensures each will be safely stored when not in use. It will keep mops off the floor, clean and dry, preventing mold spore growth and broom bristles will not bend or break. I live in a big house in a small town, so I have a huge garage that I use for practically everything. So trust me when I say — gloves will stay bug free and tools will stay rust free. The mounts come in a range of colors to match any decor, so I have another one in my hall and one more in my walk-in closet. This organizer’s uses are many, storing not only cleaning and gardening tools but mechanical tools, sports, camping or fishing equipment, any items that need to be within easy reach that can’t stand securely on their own, including smaller items like rags and dusters, gloves, and spray bottles. Before you start any organizing project, mount several of these wall organizers in that cluttered space. It’ll be half your sorting headache permanently removed. No kidding!”

Get it from Amazon for [$19.99]

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