Which high school club is the best for your child

When your child starts high school, it can be overwhelming and scary for them, but clubs are there to help them fully immerse themselves in school life, and make lifelong friends. Every school offers different activities, and it’s hard to know which one is right for them, but don’t be afraid to let them try a few before they find the perfect club.

Subject area clubs

If your child has a keen interest in a subject, then find out if their school offers a club which explores it further. Many high schools have drama clubs, art clubs, history clubs, science clubs, and many other subject-based activities. This might be the perfect way for your child to expand their knowledge in an area they particularly enjoy; and what could be better than your child having fun while learning?

Which high school club is the best for your child

Lights, camera, action!

Many schools offer a film club of sorts, so if your child is interested in film, drama, and media, this might be ideal for them. Film clubs can cover a range of topics, like analyzing cinematic decisions in famous movies, creating their own low-budget films, and reviewing foreign movies. Film is often one of the most popular clubs, meaning it’s also the perfect place to meet people and make friends, which is especially handy if your child is only just starting high school and they don’t yet know anyone.

Books at the ready

Many high schools are often big on book clubs, too. Usually, each member is given a copy of a book for them to read over the course of the week or month – dependent on the book and members’ preferences. Each meeting then consists of analyzing the book and discussing the best and worst features. This can be useful in developing their literature knowledge, as well as being enjoyable for bookworms.

Which high school club is the best for your child

For the future chefs

Some schools also have a cooking club, if they have the facilities to do so. This is where your child will learn critical skills in the kitchen, from how to preserve a fruit salad, to how to cook the perfect steak. They might do a mix of cooking and baking, from cookbooks as well as figuring it out as they go along. Not only do many children have a love for cooking – and tasting their creations, of course – but it’s also an excellent life skill for the future.

Get moving

Some of the most common high school clubs, however, are sport-related. Whether your child is an avid dancer, big football lover, or swimming star, their high school is sure to have a suitable sports club or team for them. The list of sports clubs at high school is extensive, and they’re perfect for the budding athlete. So, if educational clubs aren’t enticing enough for your child, then maybe sport could be.

Despite high school having a vast range of clubs for your child, if there’s something they’re interested in, but their high school doesn’t offer, why not prompt them to start it? This could even be better than them joining a ready-made activity, teaching them important leadership and organizational skills for the future.