Here’s why you never have to wait in line again

We’ve got good news. You might never have to wait in line again for the latest iPhone or popular dessert ever again. And no, this does not mean that you have to settle for your current smartphone or skimp on dessert. That’s because Robert Samuel, the founder of Same-Ole-Line-Dudes, will wait in line for you.

Samuel is a professional line waiter. He will wait for anything, from concert tickets to sample sales. He can make up to $1000 in just a week. He started this business after losing his job as an AT&T sales representative. He needed a new way to make money, so when Apple’s iPhone-5  was released, he posted on Craigslist an advertisement to wait in line for $100.

When he was about to purchase the iPhone, his customer canceled on him, but thankfully still paid him for his time. Samuel was about to leave the line but then decided to sell his spot. By the next morning, after waiting for a total of 19 hours he had made $325 by selling his spot. He invited his friends to come and sell their spots as well and also sold milk crates for $5 each to offer people a break from standing.

He realized how profitable his idea was so he decided to start his own company, Same Ole Line Dudes in December of 2012. He also works as a concierge for a building in Brooklyn, but he is hoping to grow this line waiting venture. His friends also pitched in to help him. They have become his employees and do a great job of it.  When he gets a customer for a line waiting venture, he sends a mass text to all his friends offering them all the chance at the job. One of his friends waited in line for an entire 43 hours for a Shark Tank audition in Denver and made $800 for the company.


In New York City when a Cronut craze came about, Samuel together with his team of line waiters even picked up the pastries and delivered them right to their clients. This service itself made the company $240 a week. What’s surprising is that not all of Samuel’s clients are actually that rich. Mostly it is every day people that ask for his services, such as people who can’t leave work on time to make it to something important to them.  Samuel goes to all big events, even if he isn’t hired for a gig, just to hand out business cards.

He believes that over promotion does not exist and he also uses social media a great deal.  Most line-waiters in the past would be hired from Craigslist, however, Samuels company is different because it’s got a name on it.  They are the Same Ole Line Dudes.